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I'm off my butt to cook; got another 4 bags of apples to deal with.: Night Mamas!
Quote: Originally Posted by lightheart DO NOT... did you get that?? read that again DO NOT EVER!!!!! put cold filled jars directly into a boiling hot water bath!!!!! Oh yeah, gotcha! I was mostly worried about food poisoning. It turned out to be a moot pont this time; I made it all into apple butter and by the time everyone got done 'tasting':there were only 6 jars left. So I just froze them instead. I think I will can the sauce though, so...
Quote: Originally Posted by crittersmom I'm here.Its 1:40 in the morning.I wish they had midnight garage sales and farmer's markets for night owls. That would be great! I'd settle for a midnight playdate though. Anyone want to move in next door?:
Quote: Originally Posted by eilonwy Heh, stormborn. If Bear had been a girl, I wanted to name him Daenerys. Mike was... not exactly in favor. But it's such a cool name! Hehe, ya I've tried to use it twice and no go with dh. Mostly because her initials would be DP.
Yay another nightcrawler thread! Present.: I was afraid the new baby would be a day child and I'd have to attempt to drag the 7yo to the light side. :But we got lucky; newcritter fits right in. What's everyone up to tonight?
I'm new at canning so this might be a stupid question Can I put applesauce and apple butter in jars tonight and either refrigerate or leave out, then process them tomorrow? Or do the jars need to be filled right before I can them? I'd rather not get up at 4am if I can avoid it! TIA.
I'm shamelessly stealing our costume from a MDC mamma. Dd will be a bat and I'm going as the sky with glowing stars glued to black clothes and my starry sky sling.: Before that we were considering pirates with the baby as a parrot.
Quote: Originally Posted by RasJi7 My Mom is in Asheville, NC and they closed down her senior center because the volunteers that run it couldn't get gas. So she called some Books-a-Million and they let her have the weekly scrabble game there. My Mom is so cute- nothing gets in the way of Scrabble! Aww that's sweet..tell her to come over here and play with my Mom; I'll even throw in a cute baby to hold. Ya I had a hard time finding gas today...
Dh and I can't share blankets, but I always put the baby in a sleep sack or warm pjs and laid her on top of my quilt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Norasmomma Wow that is an awesome deal, I have never seen an organic chicken for $2, the freezer makes it so worth it. Yeah, they were marked down to 4.99 (about half price here) but the butcher saw me doing the happy dance in front of the cooler and said if I would take all of them he'd cut me a deal. I was going to buy them all anyway but I didn't argue with him.
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