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I don't know if this is common but our homeowners insurance covers frozen food in the event of an outage or malfunction without paying the deductible.
Either on me or in a reclined jogging stroller; works well because I can roll her around the yard/house with me.
Ya I tried bellsouth but apparently I'm in a no-service pocket. pulled up my MIL's house 1/2 mile away and she could get it but none for me. Sucks- I have dialup with them and have always been pleased with their service. I did find Skyrunner and they look great but again with the big startup cost. Maybe it's time for a yard sale to fund my startup huh?
I'm off my butt to cook; got another 4 bags of apples to deal with.: Night Mamas!
Quote: Originally Posted by lightheart DO NOT... did you get that?? read that again DO NOT EVER!!!!! put cold filled jars directly into a boiling hot water bath!!!!! Oh yeah, gotcha! I was mostly worried about food poisoning. It turned out to be a moot pont this time; I made it all into apple butter and by the time everyone got done 'tasting':there were only 6 jars left. So I just froze them instead. I think I will can the sauce though, so...
Quote: Originally Posted by crittersmom I'm here.Its 1:40 in the morning.I wish they had midnight garage sales and farmer's markets for night owls. That would be great! I'd settle for a midnight playdate though. Anyone want to move in next door?:
Quote: Originally Posted by eilonwy Heh, stormborn. If Bear had been a girl, I wanted to name him Daenerys. Mike was... not exactly in favor. But it's such a cool name! Hehe, ya I've tried to use it twice and no go with dh. Mostly because her initials would be DP.
Yay another nightcrawler thread! Present.: I was afraid the new baby would be a day child and I'd have to attempt to drag the 7yo to the light side. :But we got lucky; newcritter fits right in. What's everyone up to tonight?
I'm new at canning so this might be a stupid question Can I put applesauce and apple butter in jars tonight and either refrigerate or leave out, then process them tomorrow? Or do the jars need to be filled right before I can them? I'd rather not get up at 4am if I can avoid it! TIA.
I'm shamelessly stealing our costume from a MDC mamma. Dd will be a bat and I'm going as the sky with glowing stars glued to black clothes and my starry sky sling.: Before that we were considering pirates with the baby as a parrot.
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