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I'm planning on it. Dd wants to draw a dog skeleton in glow paint on a black shirt for her but I don't know if she'll wear it. If not I'll put a bowtie on her collar~ she's black with perfect white tuxedo markings.
Oh yes. Last week the groc store butcher gave me 12 organic chickens for $2 each if I bought all of the ones that ran out of date that day.: We get 1/2 steer every year too...just the savings on meat makes it worth the electricity.
Glad you had a good time. Thanks for reminding me; I keep forgetting to check out the Choc lounge. Maybe for dinner tonight.:
I don't have a problem with it because I figure 1) Kids are probably contagious before the snot shows up and 2) they are just as likely to catch something from a grocery cart than a playgroup. In my experience if something is going around mine will either catch it at once or not at all; no point in worrying about it. If it's a planned thing I usually do ask the other mom first and give them the option of bowing out though...I realize some people are more worried about...
Quote: Originally Posted by takebirthback Anyone want to buy the bat costume? I don't need it anymore. Hmm, think it would fit a 4 m.o? And if so can I steal your idea?
She had her chance. You birth it, you get to name it. She'll get over it. Both sides of the family hate our girl's names (with dd1 MIL said "that sounds like a whore":; but after they're born they hush about it, at least to my face. I love Delilah! Very pretty and unusual.Too bad that wouldn't work with our last name or it would go on the next list.
I'm not in Co., but here all the beauty supply stores carry them. HTH.
Yes but nothing I have to spend much $ on; just thrown together so I don't feel like a dork walking around with the kids in regular clothes. Last year dh came home with an 8 ft long trout (not taxidermied, the stuffed animal variety), so I put on a fishing vest and carried trouty around. Dunno about this year. I'll have a 4 m.o. with me so I'm trying to think of something the baby and I can wear 'together'. My 7 yo thinks I should dress her as a 'booby leech" : but I...
Yay! I found one at MIL's house.: I asked her twice to look and now she claims to have called me the night I left it. She's a bit of a horder so I was thinking if I left them there they were lost forever in piles of stuff. So hopefully the other will surface too. Thanks for the good thoughts...dh just didn't get it, even though he buys more diapers than I do.
I'm taking a break from tearing the house apart and needed to vent 'cause no one here understands why I care. One is my only reliable night cover too; and I really shouldn't spend any $ to replace it right now. Anyone want to tell me weird places you've found missing dipes? Any clothloving psychics in the house?
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