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There is a company that you send them locks of your hair and they make a doll with it. Maybe it wouldn't gross you out if it was your hair? I can't remember the name of it though; lovey something? Perhaps your search skills are better than mine. I feel your pain..dd1 was a nipple twiddler and it made my want to crawl out of my skin.
Quote: Originally Posted by mytwogirls Noooooo...I was laughing my a$$ off because when Dh bent down on one knee to propose he ripped a HUGE fart....I still said yes though : Oh the poor guy! I'm surprised he didn't cry.laughup
There is a train ride about 50 miles from asheville if your guy is into it enough to make the drive worth ithttp://gsmr.com. I second the nature center and health adventure too...we've been going to one or the other about once a week since dd was about 2 and we still aren't bored with it. Hope you have a good visit.
I did playdoh and glow bracelets/glosticks last year and they were a big hit. No one egged us, at any rate.
Probably small consolation right now but I was there and by the time I finally thought it ~might~ be real labor and called the doc to come check me I was at 9 cm.: It did suck at the time but at least it wasn't for nothing!
Quote: Originally Posted by elmh23 Have you seen the Mazda 5? It's like a compact mini-van and the backseat folds flat so you could have extra storage room. Oh ya I would love something like that, but we're broke. The gasguzzling tank in question was free.: Hmm I guess I'll not risk it; I hadn't thought about that being a crumple zone. It's not a bench seat but 2 'regular' bucket seats. I think I had in my mind that rearfacing=safe...
Tell me what you use and how you like it! I'm looking for anything but dialup with the lowest possible startup cost. So far my only options seem to be Charter (seeing as every aspect of their cable service sucks I'd rather not deal with them for anything else.) and MAIN (looks good but I don't have $250+ for startup. Any other options? TIA
This may sound like a copout but I just started running for somewhere I "couldn't hear her" as soon as she headed for the bathroom. After a few times of yelling to noone she stopped asking.
Cool, that's more than I make some days! Last time dd had one she ran out of lemonade and started selling canned goods from the pantry.:
No, I was busy trying not to laugh. We had been together for 7 years and he was STILL so nervous that he had to get drunk to pop the question. I wasn't sure if he was going to propose or puke on my feet.
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