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No, I was busy trying not to laugh. We had been together for 7 years and he was STILL so nervous that he had to get drunk to pop the question. I wasn't sure if he was going to propose or puke on my feet.
No, because then dh might figure out that we actually unschool! Shhhh.
Anyone know what I mean? The 'extra' rear facing seats that some wagons have set down in the cargo area? I'm not even sure what to call them to do a search. Now that I have an infant in a marathon and a 7 yo in a recaro the back seat is pretty much taken up. We like to take dd's friends with us on field trips and while they are old/big enough to go without a booster none are ready for the front seat yet. What do you mamas think?
That's great! We're thinking about buying the house next door to rent out and that is one of the major reasons; getting some say in who our neighbors are.
Oooo I'm saving the barebooks like for christmas! My 7 to would love that; but FWIW she would be thrilled with wands and tutus as well.
I should be cleaning the house for dd's Bday party tomorrow but the baby won't let me put her down and I'm out of stuff I can do with one hand. About to resort to just shoving the mess into the basement and locking the door. I need beer.
Whoa, I forgot all about the migrating thread. I've had relationships that didn't last this long.:
If it's a huge deal or expensive to change it legally you could always just call him something else. The name DH has gone by since childhood has nothing to do with his legal name and it doesn't create any problems really. Come to think of it, his Mom does too. It's a great thing in his case; he SO doesn't look like his 'real' name. Plus it's the name of a tobacco company.
Quote: Originally Posted by Emmeline II I think I'd spend that month going up the chain, calling and writing letters: "Did you know that Bexar County does not issue birth certificates while Ralph Brown, the Bexar County Birth Certificate issuer, is on vacation? Could you help me get a birth certificate for my little baby girl?" Ya I probably should but I'm too lazy.
Well, I do consider it a privilege but probably not the way your dh means. I'm on mat. leave right now but usually dh works anywhere from 30-50 hrs/wk M-F and I work 2 10 hour overnight shifts on the weekends. And we are not wealthy by any means! I don't feel as though we give up a whole lot honestly I mean, sure I would love new carpet and counters or to eat out more often but there will be plenty of time for that when the kids are grown.
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