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It might vary by state but here you just check a box if you want a SS#. Has the birth cert gone through to the state yet? Because I don't see how they could omit the parents names. When I filled out ours half of the form was parents info, including stuff that is really none of their damn buisness. FWIW, I feel your pain. I went 2 weeks ago to register dd2's birth and it took an hour at the courthouse to find out that the vital records dept doesn't register births or...
My baby girl was born 2 days after yours and she sleeps long streaches like that too. She nurses constantly during the day though. I've never woken her up to nurse; I figure as long as she gains weight well she's getting enough milk. I am loving it:...my first child didn't sleep more than 3 hours at a time until she was 2.
Ohh he's adorable! I wish I could have rats again...dh has this fear of rodents. Think I'll try to color Daisy today; she needs a bath anyway. Of course now dd thinks it's the most horrible idea and is trying to ruin my fun. 'Pinky' is fabulous! No matter what color I wish I could snuggle her!
Quote: Originally Posted by queenjane I just adopted another rat from a rescue.... and he's purple. Just though i would throw that in. they dont know why he's purple, but he is. Poor thing...so undignified. They could have at least made him blue. Katherine Pic? I've got to see a purple rat! What dye do you use? My dog has a 'tuxedo': black with white chest, paws, and tail tip. She would look great with some color.
Quote: Originally Posted by applejuice I really hate people going through my trash. It is supposed to be illegal, but once again, the police do not enforce the law. Oh no, I don't look in the trash. I just want to see the people I've lived near for 12 years once. I do take coupons and copper from the nextdoor neighbors recycling sometimes but I have permission.
Quote: Originally Posted by llamalluv A woman walking her cat. On a leash. Just like that lady from Desperate Housewives. I just to think how she got the cat to allow her to do that. When I was a kid I had my cat walk on a leash; she would sit and shake on command too.: I really wanted a dog, can you tell? The carried dog reminded me we also have a lady who walks one dog and pushes her elderly one in a stroller. The dog always looks...
There's one family who still has their christmas decorations up. They took the (cut) tree down in May but the rest of it is still up. The phantom neighbor. I have never seen anyone there nor are there ever any lights on, car never seems to move, no signs of life at all. But every week there's trash and recycling at the curb.
: I really suck then. Dd was 10 days before we agreed on one. She was born at home so no one could rush me. We just have VERY different taste in names plus now we have a 7 yo with an opinion so it took forever to agree....9 months was not enough. Technically she doesn't have one at almost 2 m.o. because I have yet to drag my lazy ass downtown to turn in the birth certificate paperwork. It really did drive people nuts! I had neighbors knocking on the door for a week just...
For my dd's 7 th bday she's doing a gem mining thing in the sandbox with rocks and fossils with either tin buckets or wooden treasure chests to carry them home. Last year everyone tyedyed Tshirts, but 4 might be a little young for that, messwise.
My favorites so far are Diaperaps cotton and fleece from zoombaby.com. I've heard complaints about the diaperaps leaking through but I haven't had that problem and some of mine have been through 3 babies. We use prefolds with them, btw.
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