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: I really suck then. Dd was 10 days before we agreed on one. She was born at home so no one could rush me. We just have VERY different taste in names plus now we have a 7 yo with an opinion so it took forever to agree....9 months was not enough. Technically she doesn't have one at almost 2 m.o. because I have yet to drag my lazy ass downtown to turn in the birth certificate paperwork. It really did drive people nuts! I had neighbors knocking on the door for a week just...
For my dd's 7 th bday she's doing a gem mining thing in the sandbox with rocks and fossils with either tin buckets or wooden treasure chests to carry them home. Last year everyone tyedyed Tshirts, but 4 might be a little young for that, messwise.
My favorites so far are Diaperaps cotton and fleece from zoombaby.com. I've heard complaints about the diaperaps leaking through but I haven't had that problem and some of mine have been through 3 babies. We use prefolds with them, btw.
bumping before I crash. Or if anyone wants to name our school while I sleep that'd be great too!:
Because it's tasty, cheap and the only thing open after midnight. And sometimes when I must have a big greasy burger, firing up the grill and waiting for the grassfed organic beef to thaw is so not possible!
I lost my Dad when I was 8 and I have many memories of him. He was the stay at home parent so I spent a ton of time with him growing up. We were very close. 30 years later I think of him daily, tell dd about him, etc. My Mom never really talked about him at all...even when he was dying I wasn't told anything was wrong, even though I knew anyway. If there was a funeral I never knew about it. I ask her about him now but as a child I was afraid if I did it would make her...
Meee! Dd has already started thinking about her costime (tho she almost always changes her mind last minute) and we picked up more decorations at the dollar store this weekend. I was given a black shirt for the dog that will be her costume; gonna glopaint bones on it. Any ideas on matching costumes for me and a 4 month old? I want to be able to sling her and still have our costomes look cool.
As in, I could type in one word or phrase in english and see what it would be in multiple languages at once spreadsheet style? I have to register our homeschool name with the state this week and so far we have no ideas, so we're moving on to other languages.
Try squirting kitty with a water gun every time he climbs on ds...they learn pretty quickly. I'm kinda surprised the cat even wants to do that; our cats always ran for the hills at that first toddler screeeech.
Nope, I own guns and would have the same reaction. You don't EVER point a gun, loaded or not, at something unless you intend to shoot it. Period. And showing it off in front of the kids loaded stupid stupid stupid. I don't even keep ammo in the house now that we have kids; we buy it on the way to the range or woods.
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