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Hmmm I've been using ok so far but we're still learning. Maybe I should think of something else. FWIW though, we use "go pee" for the dog and she's never once peed on the carpet when we use it in conversation. And yes with two kids and two elderly folks in the house, pee is a common everyday word.
grilled corn. we're canning tonight and munching as we prep.: only 60 more ears to go. ugh
Breasts or boobs. Sometimes tits in certain company. Dd1 called them "milks" when she was nursing; dd2 is only 1 month old but her hungry cry sounds like "LAAAAAH laaaaaa" so talking to her I'll ask if she wants "lahla". Dunno if it'll stick but it's cute.
Code is good for inline use through 8/24. First 2 PM's can have them! Mods~ sorry if this is in the wrong place~I'm lost with the new trading post.
Wellll crap, I was hoping I had another year to come up with a name. Anybody want to help me name our school?
So...if my dd turns 7 in Sept 08 do I need to register as a home school now, or June 1, 09? Last year when I looked it up I swear it said not to register unless your child was 7 as of June of that year but the way it is worded on the website now I could interpret it either way. Or I'm going crazy staring at it and confusing myself : TIA!
No way. The only way I'll wear a string up my butt is if it'll be on the floor within 10 mins. Plus the amount of shaving I would have to do to not freak people out would take forever. I'm a muppet.
Huh. Some girl got my dad with that the other day; when I interrupted and kicked her off the porch she was getting him to tell her which houses on our street have kids.: She asked him if he was "the man of the house" and when he said no wanted to know what my dh drove and when would he be home. Weird all around.
Quote: Originally Posted by UptownZoo :Here's the whole story. It was a beautiful birth, but totally undramatic in the medical/legal/freaked-out-neighbors sense. Which one's yours? I love reading homebirth stories.
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