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No way. The only way I'll wear a string up my butt is if it'll be on the floor within 10 mins. Plus the amount of shaving I would have to do to not freak people out would take forever. I'm a muppet.
Huh. Some girl got my dad with that the other day; when I interrupted and kicked her off the porch she was getting him to tell her which houses on our street have kids.: She asked him if he was "the man of the house" and when he said no wanted to know what my dh drove and when would he be home. Weird all around.
Quote: Originally Posted by UptownZoo :Here's the whole story. It was a beautiful birth, but totally undramatic in the medical/legal/freaked-out-neighbors sense. Which one's yours? I love reading homebirth stories.
I think brown rice does need to be stored in a cool place but not necessarily frozen. I do put rice, flour, beans, etc in the deep freeze for a few days when I first buy it to kill any bug eggs that might be lurking.
Quote: Originally Posted by 4evermom Ya know what people really think is weird? Much weirder than homebirths? Home wakes. Really? We've done one and didn't get any weird reactions...must be the south. It was like a homebirth in a way and it was good; a true celebration of his life that wouldn't have been the same in a funeral home. Hehe, the pp who asked if I was a cat~ I feel like one in labor~run away and hide! My cat was actually...
Hi! I'm in aville too with a 6 yo and a 1 month old. Come on over to the NC section of Finding Your Tribe~ there's an asheville meetup thread.
Whoa. That's weird but not bad...I thought it would be something hateful. I can personally vouch for rainbows existing 20 yrs ago.
Ok I gotta know about the rainbow but can't load video...someone wanna tell?
Whoa, I'm sorry,that's one of my nightmares! I really try to scope people out from afar (not that you had the chance)...I was merely polite to a coworker YEARS ago and now I'm stuck hearing way too much about her creeepy life.
Quote: Originally Posted by SAHDS They're buried in the garden next to the person she originally axe-murdered in the storage room. The 'home birth' is just her alibi and she's posting here to get us all on her side so she can use us when the cops finally catch her! Well, I will not fall for her tricks! But...but I have pictures! Dunno if my face is in them, but.... Anyway! I did manage to work it into conversation when they said that the...
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