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Well, this week I have introduced him to chess and am relieved that he also finds this a fun challenge. We will continue to go to Pokemon league, but it doesn't seem to be the all-encompassing obsession now that school has started. Yes, I agree, learning to focus and memorize will be great in the long run. Oh - our backyard has quite a bit of nature ;)
Yes, I play the game with them, and I'm already a regular reader of sixprizes, just so I can have stuff to say to them and they're like, "Wow, mama, that's cool" LOL   I guess it was good for me to think through this a little bit. I am taking them to a prerelease tournament tomorrow, but for the last two days we've been all about the Olympics, and had the globe out, so it hasn't been all Pokemon like it usually is.  
don't know what happened there.   I think #4 will help me think about this issue and whether other things are getting sacrificed for Pokemon.
Well as far as the materialistic aspect, I encourage them to play (you only need 60 cards in order to play) and not collect. They now have enough cards that they should be able to trade for any other cards they would like. I also told them I'm not buying any more cards. They don't get an allowance, but they have birthday money.   Montessori would probably say those myths and stories are great for adults for older children, but they would not be introduced to young...
I don't think this is AT ALL hormonal. I think it's habit, pretty much everything is. If they try something once, and get away with it, or see that mom and dad are not serious, they may feel it works for them and keep doing it. I also say "Try that again," or "try another voice," immediately to any kind of whining, demanding, or complaining. I notice that my kids know who they can whine to, because it will work with some people. Just not with me :) I will also say, "I...
I'm responding to your OP without reading the responses. My boys also have a "morning list" and "bedtime list" hung up in their room. I've had the idea for awhile and now have instituted a new rule that they cannot get out any toys until the list is done, and they show me. Also, they have to have all the toys put away at night before I start to read aloud and they do their "bedtime list." Since there is really only one toy they care about -- pokemon cards -- they now...
Yes we use the handmade hula hoops that are heavier and they are much easier to use, more fun, and last forever.
Cynthia Rylant Gail Gibbons Jane Moncure (Magic Castle Readers) Margaret Wise Brown (The Important Book) Alexandra Day (Carl books -- wordless) Tomie dePaola Mitsumasa Anno These are all favorites of ours.
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