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Hi everyone.  I am seeking a pediatrician in the Burlington, VT area who is open to non-vax children.  I'd love someone who embraces breastfeeding as well, although that's secondary.  Any help is greatly appreciated!
I'd love to get my kids exposed. Any more out there?
We would love to meet some like-minded friends! Our kids are 3.5 and almost 2. We are fairly new to VT. I'd be happy to help start up a HMN group here!
In VT and would love to get them!! Will travel!
You could do VT Teddy Bear Factory (Shelburne area) and Ben & Jerry's factory tour/visit (only 25 minutes away). If the weather is yucky, you can do Pizza Putt (indoor mini golf).
My five month old baby bit me while breastfeeding. She has two bottom teeth and actually left 'fang' marks! This was three days ago and the pain is excruciating! The pain is not on the outside of the nipple as much. It feels internal and deep. Even a t-shirt sitting on the breast hurts. Do breasts have nerves? Could I have nerve damage? I'm very concerned about losing my supply because I can't breastfeed on that side without tremendous pain. I've tried pumping, but...
I have met Joyce Kimball and I really loved her!! As for another recommendation, my doula was Dina Fraize... who now is a midwife AND doula. She is amazing!!! I loved her and she truly helped me through an amazing birth. If you want her contact info PM me.
My son is two this weekend. His favorite gifts so far: Mini drum set Anything bubbles
My son is turning 2 next week. I am tandem nursing him and his 3 month old sister. Lately, his breastfeeding is making me very resentful. I feel frustrated by the length of time he wants to breastfeed. I feel angry at him sometimes (which I'm not proud of) for his constant asking. I just feel ready to be DONE with breastfeeding him. The problem lies in the fact that he constantly sees me breastfeeding his little sister, making weaning difficult. I just feel like if...
I PM'd you!
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