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Our son had an undescended testicle at birth. We were going to wait a year and see if it descended on it's own. However, he developed an inguinal hernia and had to have emergent surgery at 6 months. The recovery was a couple of days... not too bad... although it felt like a nightmare going through it. Hindsight is always easier. I just mention this because no one told me that boys with undesended testicles are at higher risk for hernias, which can be life threatening...
Hi all~ My 17 month old is not vax'd. We were waiting until 1 year and now until 2 and then we are going to 'selectively' vax. He has been healthy and hasn't been to the doc since he was 9 months old. I just haven't seen a need for it. Now I'm starting to get nervous that I should take him, just so it's on 'record' that I did. He could use a checkup/well-child visit.. although he is super healthy. So, I am thinking about making an appt... but don't want to take...
Hi all~ I am seeking a homeopath in the metrowest Boston area; Any ideas? Does anyone here see a homeopath? What types of services do they provide and are they worth the $$$?
As an RN, I would say not to worry tremendously. I'm not a big fan of the automatic BP cuffs, as the manual are much more accurate; If the physician isnt particularly worried, I wouldn't be either. There are many factors to consider, including the size of the cuff. The manual readings are the ones to watch.
I am so new to this! I live in cold New England. Where do I start? I want to keep myself and my 17 month old healthy this winter. So far I've determined that we need: Vitamin D Vitamin C Probiotics What else and in what does? I've gone through all the threads but there is SO much info that I don't know where to start. Could someone simplify it for me? Thank you in advance!!!
Hi all~ My little guy has a severe cold; He's 16 months. What can I do to help alleviate the symptoms and perhaps keep things from getting worse? Are there any warm drinks I can give him? Any vitamins? Any ideas? Thanks so much!
Hi ladies~ I'm due in March (duh, I'm on this board) and I also have an unvaccinated 16 month old baby. I also work in the healthcare field. With all of the news about H1N1 and the seasonal flu, I'm getting very nervous. What alternative things are you all doing to keep yourselves, your unborn babies, and your children safe this winter? I need reassurance... or maybe I just need the vaccine! Ahhhh....
Hi ladies. I know, I know... who cares!? Still... as we all like to 'compare' ourselves. How much weight have we gained thus far? Are we in maternity clothes yet? I've gained 6 pounds and have just started with maternity clothes. This is my second.
My first was like this... hated, hated, hated the car. It was so hard to take him anywhere, which was difficult on his stressed out, first-time mamma! Right around 7-8 months he just slowly stopped hating it as much. He's now 15 months and does really well in the car. Hang in there.. it DOES get better!!
Hi ladies, I'm 15 weeks today and I'm still not showing at all. The crazy part is this is my second baby!! I showed with my first by around this time. I haven't had an ultrasound and don't plan on it until my 18 week fetal survey. However, I'm getting nervous. I can still fit in my jeans without a problem and continue to sleep on my stomach. I've gained about 4-5 pounds, but not in my belly. Anyone else in this boat? By the way, I'm 5'5'' and weigh 128... so small...
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