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  I think Mothering does have an official stance, considering that Peggy O'Mara is a board member of Maggiore's AIDS denialist organization, Alive and Well. Oh, the irony. http://www.aliveandwell.org/   On an unrelated note, I was extremely disappointed to learn that Gavin de Becker (author of The Gift of Fear) is also on the board   
I've been reading here since 2008, although I'm much more of a reader than a contributor at this point. In the time that I've been reading, I have yet to see a style of moderation that I think is appropriately moderate. When I came here, the moderation was suffocatingly strict and rigid, to the point where it seemed to stifle intellectual dialogue. Recently, moderation moved in the complete opposite direction, turning these forums into a crazy free for all. The lack of...
I know several people who say, "For all INTENSIVE purposes...."      Bad grammar makes me [sic]!
Are you looking for ways to cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning? If so, I'd be happy to help you brainstorm some ideas if you tell me what your current routine is like. 
I spend approximately 10 hours per week cleaning the house (not including laundry). I typically spend 1 hour/day Monday-Friday and a few hours per day on Saturday and Sunday.    I consider our house to be clean, organized, and mostly clutter free. I clean the kitchen and bathroom toilets/vanities every day (sweeping, wiping counters, etc.) and deep clean a room or two each day.    My current system "works" in that the house is up to my standards of cleanliness,...
Great idea! Thanks! Breaking the tasks down into 15 blocks might be more effective for me. I tend to get overwhelmed at the thoughts of cleaning for hours on end.
I'm in need of some ideas for keeping up with household cleaning. Part of my problem is motivation (I work 50 hours/week and the last thing I feel like going when I walk in the door at 5:30 is cleaning!) and the other part is that I can't seem to find a routine that works for me. I've tried the whole room per day of the week thing, but didn't have much luck. Here are the rooms I need to clean:   -4 bedrooms -3 bathrooms -kitchen/laundry room -dining...
Wow! I give you credit for still managing to get outside under those conditions.  
    I was just about to head upstairs for a relaxing bath. I think I'll pass :) Anal skin cells! hahah  
I do not accept the Mayan Prophecy as a valid predictor of the end of times. Also, according to a recent study done by an associate professor at UC Santa Barbara, this fundamental "end date" may be inaccurate.      (edited to add this image...if MD can add his favorite, then so can I!)
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