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Hello and welcome!
Welcome! I'm a teacher too
Welcome! I'm new too and so happy to be here
Welcome to MDC! I'm new here too
Welcome I'm new here too!
Quote: Originally Posted by craft_media_hero We did a baby swim class when DD was 6-9 mo. We had been swimming a lot before we did the class, and we had "dunked under" a couple times prior to the class. The class teacher had us all go under water for just a second or two towards the end of the class. It was a very natural and fun class, not scary or abusive at all. I would never ever throw my kid in the water to teach them to swim. That would only...
I've done it, although it does require extra precautions. In addition to the those that you've already listed, I'd also keep in mind that the sand is reflective so baby may still be getting sun even if she's in the shade. Also, talk to your doctor but if I remember correctly sunscreen is not generally recommended for babies under 6 months of age because of the chemicals they contain.
Terms are endearment are fine with me, but I do think it is somewhat rude to nickname someone else's child without asking the permission of the parents and receiving their approval.
In my own life, I know people who do this because of their own upbringing. As children, they were fed convenience/non-nutritious/non-organic/etc. foods and they are okay with that. So, they chose to feed their children the same way and may think to themselves "Well, I was raised on these types of foods and I turned okay, so why shouldn't I feed my child (ren) the same way." It's an interesting type of logic, for sure.
Hi Mamas, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a yoga studio on Long Island. The summer class schedule at the studio that I attend is changing for the summer and will no longer work for me. I suppose I could look up a replacement studio in the phone book, but I'd much prefer to go on recommendations. Thank you!
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