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Subbing... I'm half way through the book and will come back to discuss when I'm done!
Quinn is a beautiful name for either gender! I know people of both genders who are named Quinn, as well as a boy named Quintin who goes by Quinn.
In my circle, the mamas and I have taken to introducing ourselves as Mama (first name). So, the children of my friends call me Mama J______, and my DC call my friends Mama Jane, Mama Ali, Mama Kira, etc.
Way to go, Mama! You're doing it!
I take a sledge hammer to our old seats and bust them into as many pieces as possible. Then, I slowly dispose of the pieces over the course of a few weeks. So far, so good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Apple Girl In a bag that you used to use. Thank you! I'll recheck all of my old bags.
Where are my eyeglasses? I lost them a few months ago and still can't find them. Thank you so much!
ETA: Sorry, I didn't realize there was already an ongoing psychic thread in TAO. I moved my post over there.
I use a tower fan. You can listen to and download (for free) many white noise sounds from this website: http://whitenoise247.net/ Each white noise track is 3 hours long and can be burned to a CD. Works like a dream
I'm sorry, mama. This must be frustrating. My first thought was a sensory issue (tactile defensiveness, in particular). Assuming there isn't a medical problem behind this, is it possible that you could distract him in some way? Some things that have worked for me in the past include asking for his "help" changing the nappy (holding wipes, cream, etc.), singing songs together (I sing the song/child does the hand actions to accompany the lyrics), looking at a book, etc....
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