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There's a whole 2-3 hour work period every morning and/or afternoon where she'll be able to do that.  
Wow...this is an awesome question.  I might type here, think about it over night, and reply more tomorrow. :-)   I guess my first instinct is to ask what the problem is with the answer you gave us?!  "There are a lot of different schools.  They don't all do the same things.  Some are Montessori and have all the cool, fun things in the classroom you have with older and younger students.  Others have students all the same age.  Some have a lot more toys like you have...
There are laws in each state that license daycares...that's about as high up as it gets for requirements.     
The question is difficult to answer because of what's out there.  Even if you look at AMS and AMI, there are a few different levels of accreditation.  And that's just the tip of the ice berg for much of this situation.   With full accreditation with AMS, AMI, and MACTE, I believe it requires a review every few years.  I don't fully know the specifics and never bothered to really look into it.  I don't know what the Montessori Foundation requires, but started to look into...
But there are already accrediting bodies...and that's what they do for schools that want to get accredited.
Even then you have a problem. So ... Someone would walk into a school, look at it, and say, "You have no materials, your kids sit in desks all day, and they're not allowed to talk. Why are you calling yourself Montessori?" "Because the name sells." --End of discussion. What can you say after that?
I LOVE hamburgers.  Really, I do.  I actually live in the apartment complex I live in primarily because it's a block away from the only burger joint in town.  (That and I see no real reason to move.  But if I had to move, that would be one thing I miss).   At the same time, I know people in Taiwan that hate hamburgers.  Why?  Because McDonald's doesn't make them well.    Imagine if your only experience of something is from people that don't do things the correct way, as...
I like that you posted a link to my yahoo answers reply. :-)   I don't have time to reply to much here, but do want to write a blog this weekend if possible about starting Montessori Elementary without previous Montessori experience (I have a comedy show to do in Taipei on Sunday, so I'm not sure if I can).  I will post a link to it once I have it up.    
I agree with the point sapphire made.  Why ARE you paying for a Montessori education if the teachers simply have no faith in the method itself?
Notn necessarily. She was here in Changhua about a year before I was. I say bring her back to Taiwan.
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