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Wait this is your minister and his wife???   Guess they missed the part about forgiveness huh?
I'd have to say mind your own business and raise you own child they way you want.
I think it is utterly absurd that in a community of MOTHERS one has to BEG for a forum where you are allowed to say "I had a C-section and I'm ok with it" !  Why must you be traumatized to even be allowed to discuss it here?  This whole board has gotten absurd, it's like visiting the twilight zone.   And SB I have been reading your posts for years and I have to say GET A THERAPIST.  I have never in my life 'met' another person that is traumatized by EVERYTHING and...
Look Storm Bride, I daresay there is not a person on the internet that does not know how you feel about C-Sections.  You were traumatized we get it and I am pretty sure there is already a forum called "Healing Birth Trauma" for you to post in.  If you are asking if you can go in and post your whole "C-sections are ebil" speech every time someone posts about a positive C-Section experience then I hope the answer is no.  I can't believe you actually think that "if you were...
What would I do?  I'd say thanks SO much for getting DD something she really wants!   Just be thankful every day that your DD has grandparents who care enough to get her a gift.  Not everyone has that.
Does anyone have good info on the long term effects of Ritalin? My DH has been on it for 26 years and I am really concerned about the long term consequences on his body (especially heart) of taking what is essentially speed for most of his life. TIA
Just got notice that after getting TWO issues of my 12 month subscription is expired.  Funny how that worked.  Now I've been cheated by TWO magazines.
Hi all.  I am Leslie and I am 40 (41 in February) I have one 22 month old DS.  DH is 31.    We though we were "one and done" and recently decided we REALLY want another child.  DS took 12 months of 'trying' and 6 months of hard core charting, temping etc but no fertility assistance.  We do not want to use fertility assistance this time either but I was just reading about how at my age I have a 25% chance of conceiving using my own eggs and then I have a 25% chance of...
Can anyone give me a success story with an unschooled child going to college? We plan to homeschool and I know of a few people that 'unschool'. I know a lovely local woman who unschools and her kids are YEARS behind...her 12 year old is barely literate. I love the idea behind unschooling but can unschooling really prepare a child for college and life? TIA!
Has ANYONE gotten the magazine that is supposed to sub for Mothering?
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