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oh if your in North Carolina this was our amazing photog can't believe we snatched him last minute:)   http://www.colemanshotsweddings.com/index2.php
thought I'd come back and share some pics:) 33 weeks prego there was a big storm alert the whole day and as soon as we were done with our pics the sirens starting going off to leave the dunes. pretty crazy,windy day but had tons of fun:) it was just us and the kids but paid the extra $$ to have a real photog:) and had to ask some people at the park to be our witnesses cause kids aren't old enough lol      
so we did it- decided to elope on our vacation. kinda stressful finding a dress, offciant, and photog in 2 days lol but it all worked out. went to davids bridal w/ my dd and her friend. there were like 5 dresses in my size a whopping size 16 lol but found one I liked and it was only a $130!!! Waiting on pics from photog and then will share:)
freezer meals like the chicken,enchiladas, ect.- do you cook everything completely, let cool, then freeze?  I barely have energy to cook for everyone as it is let alone make extras to freeze lol but it is a good idea:)
it's very comfy.Only thing is that it is very tall. Which is a good thing so you can fill it with more water and have your belly covered, just a lil' awkward trying to climb out  after just having a babe and everything still attached lol.
really wanted one as I love birth photography but of course the good ones cost a lot of money 1500+ and I just don;t have that kind of money. If I were rich and famous I would def. have one:)
here in va part of the rules they agreed to so they coulds get licensed was not being allowed to have/give rx's. so not pit,oxygen,ect. I have seen miwives here do vbacs and twin births so not sure if there is a rule against that or not. sad that az has had it all this time and now they are deciding to take it away- why wouldn;t they do the study on the effectiveness it has had or not had all these years??
while I have never had a sonogram I have used doppler to listen to hb which is a form of ultrasound. Do you mean both on your survey? it will be hard to find women that haven't used doppler at all during prego but i'm sure they are out there:)
happy mother's day ladies:) cynthiamoon- beautiful pics. the first 2 you could've passed for not prego only the ones where you are holding belly. love your dress and photog was great. even though if we do get married it will be just the 6 of us I will have a prof. photog my one expense:)   kittenh- uggg a 1st trimester wedding yeah i think that is about as bad as it gets lol my 1st tri i am laid out in bed asleep the whole time lol this will be a very prego 3rd...
we need pics of the white bikini wedding!!!
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