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Yes it is safe to take when pregnant.. Wapf recommends 2 teaspoons a day during pregnancy. I haven't healed a cavity when pregnant but I'm sure it is possible. I have a few cavities just now that occasionally get sore, When I take FCLO and BO the pain goes away.
Shannon, I'm so sorry.
Welcome to MDC! Hope you find some time to sleep.
Welcome to MDC!
Welcome to MDC! I am in the UK too. Pregnancy symptoms and period symptoms are v similar! I felt sure I was getting my period this month but turns out I'm pregnant! Let us know when you find out for sure. Fingers crossed for you!
mamaprek, that's great news! I had a tough time convincing DH the last time. He agrees that our homebirth was a much better experience than our hospital birth and wouldn't have it any other way now.
Exactly what Bobbys said. I think you would just know. Try not to worry although its easier said than done!
lilkat, that is so funny! Too cute   I think tandem nursing really helped my sons to bond. DS1 showed no sign of jealousy. They are the best of friends now... most of the time!
DS1 (3) and DS2 (20months) are both still nursing quite frequently. Anytime I sit down they think thats a cue to nurse! I am already finding it a bit uncomfortable so I am trying to encourage them to nurse a bit less.  
We are planning our second homebirth. DS1 was born in the hospital. That was a traumatic experience. DS2 was born at home. It was a very peaceful and laid back experience. Hopefully this birth will be just as smooth as DS2's.
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