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oh, vivica, i'm so sorry, but hoping for the best for you and your family.   i had the quad screen with our son which came back with disturbing results -- was horribly stressed until more definitive test results came back letting us know that he was perfectly fine.    needless to say, we didn't do the quad screen this time.     when will you know for sure?  you're in my thoughts.   
 congrats to you...  and to you as well.  wonderful news!
 welcome.  i know what you mean about not having as much patience.  i'm feeling like i don't have as much recently either (especially with my youngest).  how old is your son? hoping your nausea ends soon.  mine pretty much disappeared as soon as i hit the second trimester.
welcome kristy!
 you're no freak -- i love it too.  
underwear?  what underwear?
well i guess i must be really showing because two random people came up to me today and asked if i was pregnant.  will post a photo one of these days -- 15 weeks tomorrow.   loving all the bellies mamas -- keep 'em coming.  ♥
 i trust you and your family have arrived safely -- hope you're enjoying your stay so far.   looks like you've got some pretty decent weather in store for a bit.   have fun!
hadn't heard of it -- have they been around long?    i used dy-dee with both my children.     i'm guessing they're fine.  you can always cancel if you're not happy.  i found the service so convenient (especially in the early months and while i was working).   good luck!
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