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Hello there!   I'm very exited to come across this tribe. I just finished up my DONA training and am working on my certification with DONA. I have 2 little ones, a 4yr old and an 18 month old and am working full-time. I'm still not sure the best way to get myself out there-so far the only births I've attended have been my own! Looking forward to learning lots from the other doula mamas here!   Hope everyone is staying cool!   -Julia
So glad you got them and like them. And they look so cute too! Enjoy!
can i just share real quick? I posted some pics to this thread a while back and when I logged on to the site today...voila! saw one of my pics for the homeschooling discussion. teehee. sorry just a proud mama :)
Taken   2 Cookbooks- Super Baby Food and 100 TOp Baby Purees 4 Freezer Trays w/ lid   1 Bebe Au Lait Cover Up-barely used
Hello:   I have the following available if anyone is interested:   TAKEN 8 Bummis Whisper Wraps Size M-variety of colors/patterns (mostly blues) TAKEN  3 Thirsties Wraps Size M in Blue TAKEN 3 ProWraps Size M in white TAKEN 1 Lite Wrap Size M in white TAKEN 1 Imse Vimse Wrap Size L Animal Pattern (the velcro on this one is pink, because it got mixed in with red, but still works like a charm!)     TAKEN: 2 Bummis Whisper Wraps Size S in...
Ok ladies...sorry I've been incommunicado, I just got back from my training and wow was it amazing! Truly transformational and inspirational. I studied with a local DONA trainer and she was just incredible.
I'm dealing with this myself, my DS is the same age, almost 4 and while he's a very sweet boy and a really good listener (for his age ), he comes home with new phrases and expressions that I know we don't use and that are kind of aggressive. As it turns out there is a boy that   runs the room so to speak at school and in talking with other parents, they've noticed it as well. It can be frustrating, since we really work on respecting each other when we speak, etc.   I...
One more question...did anyone do an additional training like lactation consultant or childbirth educator, while you were working on your doula training or does that seem too much at one time.
ok so just a quick update...I'm going with a local DONA certified trainer (its close and coming up soon) and I'm super excited about it! Finally starting on the next phase of my life in a way....anyway, thank you for all in the insight ladies!
this is all so interesting and such good feedback & perspectives..... i guess its the life experience-after having 2 babies- that has lead me to doula training in the first place. I think that's a great suggestion to ask around for good trainers...(I should know that from my yoga training...)
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