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We live in our RV 6-8 months out of every year and I teach my three children (10, 8, 5) in a 10x15 ft space, which includes the table. Te above posters made excellent point on organization and using libraries. I actually find it a bit easier when we're in a smaller area as I am better about organization then.
I realize this thread is older, but I just wanted to bring this up for those like myself who are looking for Berkey systems: http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/CAMP-352 My BIL. told me about this, it is easy to put together and considerably cheaper than the Berky system while still being made in the U.S. The online video on it uses plastic, food-grade buckets, but you could use stainless steel containers if you wanted to.
I have friends whose daughter's stoma was surrounded by a staph infection. They tried everything natural and pharmaceutical, but the one thing that knocked it out was emu oil.
Go back to the original version! Even my 6yo son will sit still for that one...you might need to explain as you go (the language isn't modern), but it's still fun to listen to (and read)!
DD (7yo) uses Explode the Code Online. Last year, we used Calvert and she HATED reading...lots of tears. This year, I set the timer for 1/2 hour each day and have her work just that amount (more seems to be tedious for her...1/2 hour keeps her excited about her lesson). She started reading on her own! We go to the library, and she finds books (sometimes not even the Easy Readers) and reads them!!!! I'm not saying that she's a fluid reader, but the drive is there, and she's...
We love it! DD1 (6yo) and DS (4yo) both enjoy starting the day with Mystery of History. Short read-aloud and a fun activity. I have the first SOTW Activity Book (which corresponds with the first Mystery of History book) and the SOTW Audiobook. Every now and then I can match up an activity from SOTW with what we read about in MOH (SOTW seems to have more interesting activities and has a pretty good selection of coloring pages) and very infrequently, I can use a chapter from...
Mystery of History. Adaptable. I have a 1st grader and a Pre-K...both enjoy it. We don't cover dates, this is only the first time through (we're expecting to go through it three times between now and high school...there are three different levels with each lesson). So, for instance, we learn about the Shang Dynasty about the same time as Joshua & Jericho.
We observe the Sabbath. Ideally, Friday night's dinner is an easy prep & clean, a special (yet easily prepared and cleaned up) breakfast. Time as a family, worship (online Church services for us, since we are 2 hours from the nearest congregation with like-beliefs), bible study. No major cooking/cleaning. No worries about money. No job stress. No laundry, etc. Since it is often just myself with my three monkeys, I let them watch certain VeggieTales, Adventures in Odyssey,...
We're almost through our last bottle of dish soap. I *HATE* dish soap! It was just this past week that I looked at the bottle of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap and went "duh!". My hands crack and bleed and I just figured I'd have to live with it until DD1 was old enough to do the dishes.
http://www.donnayoung.org/household/index.htm is my go-to gal.
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