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I shared the giveaway on Facebook!
I liked Strider and Mothering on Facebook!
Yup.  We went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and we decided to cheat and eat whatever.  We were all sick on Sunday, and the Julianna got REALLY sick and has been having GI trouble for a few days.  So either it's a food reaction or she was more vulnerable to a tummy bug because of the food. : (  Cheating is so not worth it.
Can I play too?  I haven't been on Mothering for a while...   We are trying to ease into full GAPS but we keep having to add a few non-gaps legal things back into to make the budget stretch far enough.  I'm starting to feel a bit stuck for ideas lately.   I really like it though because when we cut out grains and sugars I don't have gallbladder attacks and my oldest has fewer meltdowns per day.
Cool!  I used to have a hard time passing on books, but once I started I realized I didn't miss any of them.  I used to have 3 bookcases, now I have one shelf.
I know most of these have been said already, but these are what I do and it keeps us going   garden (we have one in the ground, containers on the patio, and plants inside) chickens (ours are pastured on the back lawn, they use only a little feed) foraging learn how to repair/mend clothes, sheets, towels hang dry laundry walk, bike or bus as much as possible (we have not driven since June and saved a ton on insurance and gas) cook everything from...
We took the pedals off my daughter's bike and used it as a balance bike.  We put the pedals back on last night, and she hopped on and rode away like a pro.  I want to buy a balance bike for my three year old. I haven't yet seen a pedal bike small enough for her.
I was feeling this way a couple moths ago and i ended up putting almost all the kids toys in our garage for a few weeks and it really helped  i'm starting to feel antsy again though but nothing left is really mine
delurking to say Happy Birthday Rhyko!
  This would be the deciding factor to me. You can't count on being there long term, which means you will need the voucher.  Don't risk losing it!   If you take the section 8 voucher you could still wait to completely move in until after the baby comes. 
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