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DD is 4.5 and seems to really enjoy bigger books these days. We've read Island of the Blue Dolphins Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh The Odyssey (Gillian Cross, really nice version with very cool pix) The Borrowers Holes Peter Pan ( the original one, HuGe hit) D'Aulaire's Greek Mythology (my kids are obsessed with Greek myths right now) First two Harry Potter books (I think they get a little dark) I know there's more but I am blanking. Thinking of starting The Hobbit.
We are thinking of starting with our kids. 4 y.o. DD is presently doing ballet and 10 y.o. DS is doing karate. DS has some special needs, really needs work with motor skills, very uncoordinated. I confess to being a little less than thrilled with ballet. I am a tom boy myself and do Crossfit and would love to see DD start gymnastics because it's such a strong base for other athletic pursuits. Interesting about the idea of doing ballet and gymnastics together. Had not...
This recipe is awesome:   http://www.health-bent.com/proteins/paleo-beef-lo-mein
I'm 46. I've been pretty healthy, exercising and diet-wise, since I was about 24, but really kind of figured out what works for me and what doesn't in the last 10 years or so. So...   What are your expectations of yourself as you get older, in terms of health & fitness? I really don't see much of a decline, to be honest. I expect that I am always going to have to keep an eye on my diet, as I gain weight very easily. I'm 5'5", and at my lightest was 130 lbs. I think...
Here are some good videos from Crossfit main site.   I use a 36 lb kettlebell usually, but that might be a bit heavy.   http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/excercise.html#KBs
Thanks! I have been reading QUITE a lot and there are some very good resources out there. I have also joined several discussion groups. I had just hoped to find some Mothering people to form a group with. I like the way you guys think and handle issues. I don't want to do the mainstream thing if I can avoid it
  This, for us. But I would also add that when we adopted in 2003 there were horror stories about domestically adopted children going back to their birth families after a long time with the adoptive parents, and I knew I couldn't handle that. However, I would say that if you do not want to adopt a child with special needs you should really, really research that birth family medical history to the best of your ability before moving forward. We tried, but there was only so...
How exciting! I remember when we finally got the green light after months of uncertainty!
I have no advice, but I am just starting this journey myself, but I have nothing compared to what you're dealing with.
I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I’ve cross-posted to Adoption and Special Needs.   We adopted our 8 y.o. DS from Russia in ’03 when he was a year old. We noted then that he had some issues, particularly with food, but we attributed it to his first year in the hospital and orphanage.   However, as he has grown he has developed other issues that look a lot like ADHD. I homeschooled him last year because he was having a lot of trouble in the public school...
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