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 I had to go to work and put my three youngest kids in school last year after almost 20 years of hs.Two are in High school one is in 1st. They have all made the transition extremely well.I'll (hopefully) be a licensed spec. ed teacher this time next year as I'm finishing an online degree.   I can tell you that under NCLB if you have a special needs child that you and your child's school will be part of a team that will help your child get services and make the most...
Does anyone know if there is a wheat Montana co-op in the Knoxville area?
Food, perfume, body odor..
Thanks! What about Dr.Changas in Halls? A co-worker recommended him.
Does anyone know of a good family dentist in the North Knoxville- Halls area?
I talked with a loan officer at our new bank yesterday. Her opinion was that the way the economy had effected people; they were more concerned with whether you had jobs and income now and what your credit history was before the recession hit.If you had a good credit history before things got bad and you've found work now, you're a pretty good candidate for a loan.
We walked. Turned in the key and filed bankruptcy.Moved home with family.It's been wrenching.On the upside my hs'd kids are in school and have been successful and happy.I have a job as an aide and am finishing school online. Hopefully I'll have a teaching job by next year.After a year and a half of unemployment dh will bring home his first paycheck next week.His job has health ins and a 401k. If we could do anything differently we should have sold the 5yrs ago when he...
After 20 years of hs my three youngest have been in school since the middle of nov. They are thriving! If anything they aren't really challenged enough.They're all making A's and friends and are really happy. I'm the one who's a mess. I miss hs, the TIME I used to have etc. I'm working as as an assistant and trying to finish a degree online.It's been a heck of a transition. We gave up the house and moved home to the family farm. Dh is still looking for work. oh well...
My Favorite freebie sites are: www.homeschoolshare.com www.amblesideonline.org
We're moving to Maynardville Tues. After 25 years away somebody clue me in, any food co-op's, crunchy or semi crunchy folks around? we'll be living at my FIL's till DH finds work.Might still stay on the farm if he does find work.Things are pretty much up in the air.
New Posts  All Forums: