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Hi! I don't know of any diapering services in NJ. We moved out of NJ almost 2 years ago and when my first daughter was born I researched diaper services. I didn't have much luck finding any so I decided to do it myself. I don't know if any have popped up in that time. As far as support groups, you might want to check on diaperpin.com You can read reviews of cloth diapers as well as check out the forums for information. I own a cloth diaper store so if you have any...
We are in the same situation. We moved to Fl from NJ almost 2 years ago. While we like it in FL, we don't particularly like the town we moved to. We could go anywhere (we work from home) but aren't sure where we would like best. My parents & siblings now live in TN and are trying to get us to go there. My aunt lives in PA and is trying to get us to go there. You can't beat the weather in Fl though. I wish you luck in your decision. Sometimes having too many choices...
We use Dr Rich also and have never had a problem. We do not vaccinate and haven't had any problem with him. I would make an appointment and don't mention your vax choice. When it comes up in the appointment just tell him that you are delaying. We have never even had to sign a waiver. I totally feel for you mama. I stressed about finding a pediatrician that was ok with non vax. Right now we are traveling 1 1/2 hours to see Dr Rich because he is the only ped we...
Hi! Not sure if you got an answer to this or not but I believe Dr C isn't taking new patients.
Heart to Heart birth center is Sanford is amazing. I can not say enough good things about Michelle and her staff.
I know exactly what you mean! We moved to Florida 1 1/2 years ago and have no family or friends here. It does get very lonely. The only adult I interact with is my husband! lol We're in Palm Coast and don't get to Jacksonville that much but if you're ever in our area I'd love to meet up with another mama over coffee or something.
We actually ended up going to Dr Rich Rodridguez in Maitland. It is a hike (about 1 1/2 hours drive) but I couldn't find anyone closer that we were happy with. Good luck!
www.DivaDiapers.com has Thirsties diaper covers on sale for $9.50 with free shipping coupon code "newyear" or $5.00 off coupon code "diaperpin"
I know it's sad. I haven't posted on here much but I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts. It's like another chapter is coming to an end.
I also highly recommend Michelle Gawne. She was my midwife with my 2nd daughter's birth and was awesome. I can not say enough about her. She is as hands off or hands on as you want her to be. She was the only midwife we interviewed so I can't speak for any other ones. Good luck with your decision!
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