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Good luck
Thanks to this thread I have learned the difference between vagina and vulva. I always used them interchangebly.   hmmm.... the more you know? Right?  That said, I still think it's right to say both and my daughter will grow up knowing the difference.  
I use vagina or tell her to wipe front to back. I also say uterus, penis, vulva, breasts, nipples, etc....  whatever is being discussed.  Why would that be awkward?
That is how it was for me too. I was very scared about vaccinating, read a ton of books about it, ended up doing spread apart/delayed at first and then really looked into the actual science. Now my daughter is caught up.
no, I am sorry, I do not have any experience with that disease.
As long as they are not harming those kids, there really is nothing wrong with what they are doing. Every woman and family is different and different parenting styles then yours do not make bad parents.
well, I found EWCM for the first time in 30 months.... DD is 21 months now.... I have no had my first PPAF. Could this be it??? Or does it take a while to come back?
I am feeling so abnormal... I have a 21 month old nursling and have no signs of a cycle. I am not sure I want to start TTC until the start of the new year but she nurses like a newborn and we cosleep so she nurses 3 times at night most nights too.... Could I have to wean her to get my cycle back? I really do not want to do that, I was hoping that someone here had any advice.
Miriam! Glad you are off bed rest! I hope those little ladies stay put for a few more weeks and get big enough to avoid the NICU while also avoiding the induction/c-section.    Totally thinking of you!!!    Tear-- I hope that was not your PPAF!!! EEEK that would be early!
I second the suggestion of getting out of the house and taking time for yourself. Allow your child to forge a relationship with your husband. It might be hard and there might be tears but he will be with his dad who loves him and will be able to handle him just fine. Crying in the arms of a loving father is very different from just abandoning him. You do not have to do this alone.
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