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  Couldn't you also go gluten free for the sake of your daughter's health and well-being? At least give it a try for a month and see what happens if you use the Ellen Satter method? You said it described your daughter to a T and I think you owe it to her to try! Also, the snacks you described do not sound like so much to me. As a kid I ate a pint of blueberries in one setting along with a pint of strawberries, a container of guacamole, a package of ritz crackers,...
Thanks for updating- I remember reading your story last year and my heart goes out to your daughter.  My daughter eats a lot throughout the day, much more then I realized a toddler ever would eat. They are growing so incredibly quickly!!! It does not seem to me like your daughter is offered much variety in terms of nutrition.Perhaps some higher fiber/higher fat/higher protein foods would do her well. Cereal is not the best snack or meal. You could add some peanut butter,...
If you know your neighborhood is the way that you describe it to be, why do you allow your 3 year old to go out with the older kids unsupervised by you? You are the mom! You can say no to a 3 year old. No matter the age and if it's "typical" for a 12 year old to babysit a 3 year old, in your neighborhood it seems dangerous to allow this.
I think if you are going to be afraid of every cough/cold etc, you might as well just get the DTAP shot for your baby when he is 2 months old. My brother and mother were unvaxed (I had one shot DTP and had a bad reaction so my mom stopped all shots after that) growing up. My brother and mom both had pertussis when I was in Junior High. It was literally miserable for 6 weeks. The cough caused my mom to vomit blood a few times. Nights are the worst. And the times when they...
In regards to the CDC schedule- it's what is good for the PUBLIC at large, not necessarily the health of an individual child. Maybe some kids should have their vaccines delayed or spread out a bit but that does not mean that the vaccines themselves are not good for disease control.
Of course the CDC is biased. They are trying to CONTROL disease! Vaccines control disease.
I am sorry, I posted on the other thread! Thanks, Tear for taking over! I am so happy for you :) I understand about feeling disconnected from your DDC. I had like 3000 posts in TTC, so you can see where my heart was. I do the AP stuff, I just never felt a connection anywhere else.     I also wanted to say, Congratulations to Julie! So happy you get to come on this motherhood journey! I have been thinking about you a lot lately, and here you are, pregnant!!!! You...
congrats Miriam!!!! I never come here anymore but I needed to say congratulations!! You are going to make a rocking mom :)  
Barring something extreme, I don't think there is any harm in offering water. I doubt he'd  wean from breastvmilk just to drink water.
Yep, us too!  
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