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  can you explain what the negatives are in your opinion?    
Coming in from New posts-- I was freaking out about the Rhogam shot as well when I was pregnant.  I also gave birth in Germany and the doctor was very up front that Rhogam is basically non-negotiable in his eyes.  For what it's worth, he did not allow me to get the flu shot, swine flu shot or any other vaccines while I was pregnant (and this is when they were really crazy about everyone getting swine flu). He also recommended not getting dental work done while pregnant...
Tear-- ahhhhhhhh girls are the best! :) hahaha so so so excited for you! I am bad at posting here too :)   Nannette--  :) You are next! No matter how those babies get here, all that matters is that they get there and you are all healthy :) You are going to be a fabulous mom! I will send you flipping vibes so those babies get into good position!   FinnegansMom-- Wow! What a story! I am so happy to hear that everything worked out for you. It sounds like a hard...
That is definitely not OK. Chicken pox is a deadly disease for older people regardless if they have had it before.  Not to mention the other people who are at the party might not want an infectious disease.
Ariel sounds like a man's name to me. Then again, I have a friend whose dad is name Ariel. He is Israeli. :shrug: I think if you like the name Ari, go with it. Or just name him Ari. Good luck!!!
    I agree with this poster-- I would never listen to my chiro over my pediatrician! The education is barely comparable. And if it is you need a new pediatrician. I really think, as parents, we need to take our child's best interest to heart. I would never intentially expose a baby (INFANT!) to an infectious disease such as chicken pox.  It is just totally not worth it.
deleted post- double post
I think that if your diabetes doctor recommended the vaccines I would listen to them. They probably are aware of  any effect, if any,  vaccines have on diabetes.
It is quiet! I don't really go to Mothering as much anymore, I have found that I am a little turned off by some of the Magazine, itself.... but I LOVE you guys :) OMG, Kelly, those girls are SUPER cute!
  did you have a travel system or a convertabile?
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