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DD just cut two teeth! She is doing great. Cruising and pulling up on EVERYTHING... takes the baby proofing  to a WHOLE new world!!! Does anyone elses kids get all snotty when they teeth?
no worries, MP, I think the balls are annoying. The food is bad (usually), the drinks are expensive, and the husbands rarely have a good time. LOL.
I think that if it bothers you, you should probably tell them this. Otherwise, they will never stop. Personally, I loved watching other people hold DD when I was not feeding her or whatnot when she was itty bitty. It was wonderful to share that with other people. Is there a reason why it bothers you so much?
Many babies have no problems going to other people. SOme never have stranger anxiety and some have lots of it. Isn't that the goal of AP parenting? The baby is able to form healthy attachments to many people. Not JUST to the mom. My DD loves other people and I would never think that is a BAD thing. Just like if she was afraid of strangers does not mean it's a bad thing. Babies are all different. Like people, because they ARE people .
my husband let her try marinara sauce off the tip of his finger when she was 6 months old. LOL. Her first REAL food though was sweet potato (roasted).
Does he have a middle name you can call him instead that you like a bit better? I had a friend growing up named Erika Paige who went by Paige for this very reason.
I don't. I have never bought jarred food, though and have never fed the baby purrees. I tried with yogurt the other day and it was just a disaster bc she kept wanting to grab the spoon for herself and is not good with her spoon quite yet. So I stick to easy to grab and eat things. If she does not eat three meals, I don't care. She rarely eats two to be honest. Mostly just gets dinner with the family whatever it is that we are eating. If we are out, I do not really sweat it.
DD has wild salmon. That's about it.
DD loves portabello mushrooms. Ignore those people.
I have no idea where I bought my teething tablets (the army PX?) but I just returned them to Wal-Mart, no questions asked. They gave me money back. I highly doubt they came from there as I haven't been there in over 2 years!!! That is my suggestion. I think they take back everything there regardless of how much was used.
New Posts  All Forums: