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I offered her one about 4.5 weeks old and only really used it in the car or when I would sneak away after she went to sleep nursing.
Is it a local skin infection on his groin? I have heard that draining it at a doctors is highly recommended but I am sure your doc has done that if it would work. honestly, I would not mess around with MRSA, I would listen to the doctor and do what he recommends. MRSA can lead to blood poisoning (sepsis), Cellulitis, Infection of the heart valves (endocarditis), pneumonia, organ failure and death may result from untreated MRSA infections. There are still some...
I sometimes set her infant/toddler bathtub up next to the shower (we have glass doors so I can see through to her) and have her play in there with toys (no water of course! She is in her clothes). Or I put her in the pack n play with some toys.
I usually just wear my husband's coat and put it over both of us. DD has a hat.
yuck! Third hand smoke is dangerous in a different way that second-hand smoke is. I would just tell them you are uncomfortable having the baby around them if they are smoking or have the smell of smoke on them. I would have no problem saying that, personally. It is your baby, you don't have to shame them, but if they want to hold her, you can just say that second and third-hand smoke is not safe. It's not personal. Wearing in a wrap will work while they are young, but...
I think our bodies can definitely handle combo vaccines. My problem with combo vaccines is that if you have a reaction you don't know which one it is to. That said, I did do pentacel once I knew DD did not react to DtAP (via deptacel), HIB, and polio. To each their own.
Mae-- omg congratulations!!! What a blessing!! I was so excited to hear about how fast your labor went!!! Enjoy the time with DH. I love the military paternity leave. Lyndzies-- Anyday now!!! I will have to be better at checking in! DD is almost 8 months old now so I am much more busy. haha
Quote: Originally Posted by Catubodua if you have a chunky baby borrow one / try one at a store before you buy it. my son's thighs didn't fit right in it. Mine either! Until she grew an inch. hahaha
I have one. We do not use it all the time, but occasionally. I think anything is fine in moderation. If he can hold his head up, he should be ok as long as you are supervising him. Some people say that it's not good for the spine but a chiropracter I know said it is just fine for babies.
If he was throwing up wouldn't you have been able to smell the alcohol on his breath?
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