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Thanks Brees_Mama. My two year was obsessed with the bar cart for the first 2 weeks. We kept a close eye on him and told him "no" whenever he tried to bang stuff on it. The novelty wore off and he hasn't touched it since. Last week I dropped a heavy glass on it and it didn't damage it at all so I don't think we need to worry too much about it.
Thanks. It's looks even better in person. It's so cozy. I can't wait for Christmas! The minute he walks in the door, all the clothes come off. It's winter and he still won't stay dressed.
I can't believe this thread is still going! I haven't posted on Mothering in awhile but I noticed I was still getting visitors from my link on this thread so I thought I'd post my new room. 2 years ago we moved to a 150 year old farmhouse. We've been playing with animals and neglecting the interior. I finally decided to reno the living room. When we first moved in dh added bookcases but not much else was done. In the past month or so we repainted the walls and...
What she said. I've potty trained 3 kids before the age of two by doing a week of naked time. Training pants just confuses them.
My kids were pretty much self sufficient by 3. They are fully potty trained by two and have mastered bum wiping by 2.5.
Went to the hospital, they wouldn't give the Tig. Said it's only if you have a confirmed case of Tetanus. Tried to convince dh to give him the immunization and freaked out because he doesn't have the other shots.
Hubby looked at the wood and said it's from the upstairs window frame not the rabbit hutch. The doctors around here aren't too bright and I'll have to call around to make sure they carry the Tig. There's so much conflicting advice online. I just feel like if I go in for this I might as well get everyone the vax or else I'll be going in for every injury.
It happened in the house. The nail was in a piece of wood that was cut to start a fire. The wood was from a pile that was in the barn that was cut a couple of weeks ago from an old rabbit hutch that we bought from a friend. Last time rabbits were in it was about 6 months ago. We have chickens, geese, ducks and rabbits on our property. There were cows 20 years ago. No dirt or anything on the nail. It went into his foot new the toe, so not very deep. I've been...
No vax. It is bleeding a lot. Do I need to worry?
Thanks!We moved to Nova Scotia from Thunder Bay, Ontario 2 years ago. West was never an option, it's just way too expensive.
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