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Hi there, Just a note about the RDA circle and sewing meeting on October 5th @ 10:30am, Goods for the Planet on Dexter in Seattle We had a great circle last Sunday, got recycled prefolds and fitteds going! We will be using recycled wool to make a cover at the next meeting, and the snap press/diapercuts/hemp/maldenmills fleeces will be available, too. The next meeting after that @ GFTP is on November 2nd. Also have meetings up in Everett at the Library...
I have always hesitated to talk about PPD, especially after I was called names and mocked about it by other mamas, not here, but in other "mama boards" that focus on drama. I have not taken part enough here at the PPD forum here at MDC, and even deleted my words I did post, out of the fear they would be used against me, as they were. I feel badly about that. I want you to know, if you have PPD, that recovery will come. It was a road I never want to travel again,...
the shower ty's for the post babies party got out with the 1 year birthday thank yous...lol I would send a form letter with pics embedded, faster easier, cute enough to appreciate!
you ROCK!! congratulations, mama love the story
twins still nurse once a day at 39 months...
Yay Kathryn! send me your wishlist
oops - forgot the names, lol Orion (oh-ryan, I know - silly to phonetic it - but some people actually say oh-ree-on ) Quinn family name, deriv. O'Cuinn
We avoided rhyming/cutesy/similar at all costs... Names were a huge challenge, but after going to twins club meetings, we were very sure we knew the names we DIDN'T want...lol Unfortunately, in milky confusion, we gave them cutesy initials....oops okmk & qtmk :
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