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I just got mine and while they had all of that charting-type stuff, the thing I really wanted to know, presentation, was completely absent.   And I really wish they had better handwriting.
I don't have an official backup provider or relationship with a hospital.   That said, hospitals in the USA are required by law to admit and treat women in labor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_Medical_Treatment_and_Active_Labor_Act, a.k.a. EMTALA) so I have no worries about being refused treatment. Whether I would get top notch treatment, isn't that always a risk? If a complication arises prior to labor, I'll deal with it when it happens.   My closest...
Quote: We're waiting for the c-max. My husband has become obsessed with it to the point where he's willing to chauffer a RF toddler and a RF infant in the backseat of the 2-door Mini Cooper for a few months rather than get a Mazada 5 now.   The way the 7th seat becomes optional is pretty slick- It folds up and stows beneath the adjacent seat. And I believe there's supposed to be more cargo room than the Mazda when the 3rd row is folded.    If the test drive doesn't go...
My unlicensed CPM was able to order an ultrasound at my request. The local licensed CNMs who do home birth can also order ultrasounds. While my homebirth is only covered as out-of-network (that is, only partially covered), the ultrasound was 100% covered because the ultrasound/radiology practice is a preferred provider. So don't let that sway you- ask what your local midwives can do!  
I wore an huge old, ratty, extremely soft t-shirt.   Baby wasn't 100% skin-to-skin on my chest, but with all the holes and threadbare fabric, she may as well have been! When it was time to nurse, I already had a sheet up over my knees and waist and the midwife helped me remove the shirt.   My back-up outfit was an old beach cover-up with a really deep v-neck, which I actually ended up using around the house as a nursing top later on.
My Rainbow Light vitamins are capsules, not tablets, so I can open them up and sprinkle them on food or add them to a smoothie. It even suggests that on the label.
Maryland representing!   FWIW, Evelyn totally does HBAC, as do all of the local CPMs I've spoken to.   And, as I mentioned, I work in health care policy. Which is how I know that I want to avoid the hospital!  
I, too, would just avoid the issue. Which is not normally my style, but who needs extra conflict or stress during pregnancy?   After a successful free-standing birth center delivery with midwives for our first, we are planning a home birth for our second. My mom is excited and on board, and will be here to help with DD during labor.   My ILs, however... They seemed to believe that the FSBC is safer than home and we didn't ever try to dissuade them of that. They...
I work in health care policy and can echo that studies and statistics are inherently biased. That's one reason I'm such a huge believer in examining opposing articles and opinions!   For an interesting (non-birth related) look at the concept of evidence-based medicine, this is a good read: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/11/lies-damned-lies-and-medical-science/8269/
I have a XTSL installed RF with a seatbelt and haven't had any problems with loosening. Even though it doesn't technically need it, I do think I get a more secure install with the locking clip. Try that, maybe?
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