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  I've tried to do this already multiple times, and the change image window pops up and it freezes my computer.  I just also tried to respond to this and it froze up my computer.  My laptop is really hating these changes.  Not sure, the avatar is a small issue, but the freezing issue is making me not want to come on here.  Sorry sad but true.  
Me too, I agree 100%. 
  Is anybody else freezing up on this site?  I also am having a really hard time with the color and font, it just is very hard on my eyes.  How do I change to any other avatar than the pre-selected one, I'm pro-bf, but I don't like that one.  I tried to get a new one and all I get is freezing and then Mothering is not responding.  I know it is a huge undertaking changing over a large site like this one, but I can't be the only one having so many freezing issues.  
Well I have been cooking a lot and making so much stuff from scratch.  Yesterday I made calzones to freeze.  I have an abundance of produce, so we've been having salad each night with homemade dressing.  Tonight it's stirfry night.  I have all planned overs to make it, dinner will take like 10 minutes tonight.  I'll probably chop all my stuff in a little bit.   Making my meal plan for next week.  Trying some new recipes and having fun with it.
I cannot do ANYTHING on this site without a serious issue of freezing.  I tried to change my avatar-frozen, post-possible freezing, just looking at a thread is giving me freezing issues.  I am using an Acer laptop with Vista(yuck I know) and Firefox, I am not having this issue with any other sites but this one.  It's super glitchy and for some reason my computer is having some serious issues with it.  Help I miss the old MDC and am really not liking this transition sinc...
I know you are working very hard on this, but I'm having so many issues with this site currently.  It's freezing up my computer, slow loading, the pages are incredibly difficult to read.  The color is really hurting my eyes, and is it possible to change style of font?   Thanks for addressing my issues with the reviews, but I still find it rather annoying that it won't be able to be turned off completely.   
I agree 100%, I can't stand this.  Is there anyway to turn that off.  If someone wants to read reviews or find items maybe that needs it's own area.  This is making my eyes really hurt too.
Quote: Originally Posted by phathui5 I would say that you don't have to talk about benefits of c/s over VBAC. It's ok to not be neutral when something (in this case, VBAC) is clearly safer for mom and baby. In most cases yes it is safer, in my case it wouldn't have been. I have a deep T incision due to a very poorly positioned DD who was so low yet stuck. My Dr informed me after DD's emergency c/s that most women can and in fact should VBAC,...
My DD has a serious problem with sugar, so we only let her have ONE piece of Halloween candy a day. She's always been one to get mood swings from candy crashing and low blood sugar. I put it up high, and then she can't even try to get it. Idk works for us.
Well I kinda hate underwear too
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