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Who cares?! I have many ideas that are more on the so-called crunchy side, but where I live *crunchy* is such a clique that I really don't want to be associated with that. It's like everyone tries green-up each other I like organic food. Can make homemade pizza with the best organic, local flour and then have a frozen pizza for dinner. I co-sleep, breast-feed on demand, most of my kids clothes are thrift store finds and I use sposies(gasp!), since I can get them...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alyantavid The Vegan Spaghettios 1/2 lb small pasta (I used the radiator ones, I couldn't find anything closer) 6 oz tomato paste 1 cup vegetable stock 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powder 2 1/2 tbsp agave nectar or honey 1/4 cup nutritional yeast Boil pasta, drain and set aside. Combine tomato pasta, vegetable stock, onion powder, garlic powder and sweetner. Bring to a gentle simmer over medium heat and,...
I never have. My kids eat what we eat. Both of my kids like to eat and I firmly believe for my family it is necessary to not make some special meal for them.
I think a 2 year old asking for his motorcycle shirt is pretty normal, little kids have ideas of what they like. My DD always wanted her "bee dress", they like what they like. She still wants to wear that dress and it's about 2 sizes too small.
With DD we used good ol plastic pants over her diapers, worked like a charm.
A moby wrap was essential for me with my second. He didn't like being put down, and I had a very active 3 year old. The nicest gift I got though was a beautiful gift basket from my BIL and SIL with baked goods, a pack of diapers, some nice flour sack towels, body lotion and wash for me and the baby. It was very thoughtful and nice.
Yeah thrift stores can be great for buying name brand at a super deal. That's where I get all my name-brand stuff because I have a champagne taste on a beer budget. I love high quality, but not the price.
Don't feel guilty about it, that's the way it just is. I also echo, DO NOT keep them next to each other that can actually be more dangerous. Little toddlers and newborns together can be a bad combo, toddlers just don't have the capacity at times to realize they can hurt the baby. My kids have been outboard since DS was born, there is no way I'd have let DD sit next to him as a newborn. She was loving, but always shoving stuff in his face and trying to cover his head.
I've let both of my kids have solids at 5 months, I personally laugh when people say "well would you give them x,y,z...if they reach for it?" For me both my kids cried, and I mean screaming crying at dinner because we were eating. It wasn't about anything but food. I guess for me I felt I was listening to them, did they "eat" not really, but they felt included and in turn stopped fussing at dinner. I tried all the other tricks, give them a spoon, cup, etc...they wanted...
I'd have to go with the flow on this one, because you are living together and she's your mom buying your kids clothing. My mom and I have vastly different tastes, and when she buys stuff sometimes I don't approve, but she's buying. I would gently suggest you are not into huge logos and such, and if the pants are stiff tell her your son is small and needs to comfortable to move. My mom also just doesn't think, LOTS of things she gives as gifts are impractical to say the...
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