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Does it really matter if the girl sleeps in her clothes? I'd give the mom the benefit of the doubt since the mom has not shown you any "issues" in the past (mistreatment, drug use, etc.).   Do your best to keep the child comfortable, give the mom an earful when she does show up, and refuse to watch her again if it bothers you to be put in this situation.   I wouldn't start the cascade of government intrusion in her family over this situation.
Another vote for flush-able liners or just put the kid on the toilet if he has a consistent poop schedule     I cannot imagine attempting to spray off what OP is describing
Four c/s and four successfully breastfeed babies. I went into labor prior to the c/s with all of them. Baby #1 was a long (days) labor with 4+ hours of pushing and was the easiest to bf. I also was surrounded with very bf friendly nurses with lots of time on their hands as DS was the only baby born at that hospital that week! Baby #2 I had very little support from the nurses but he bf like a champ.  Baby #3 refused to latch by day 3, dropped a lot of weight, and would...
I would still love to use the name Annabel (Annie) or Elias (Eli) but I think we are done having babies.
Our fourth is 11 months and I'm still waiting for it to get easier   She is a rather easy baby and our two older children are pretty easy. However, I'm dealing with a strong willed two-year old girl so having four kids seems a bit stressful right now.   I don't know how adding a fourth child could make anyone's life "easier" but it sure has made things louder and more wonderful. She is such a joy and I'm so glad we took the leap to have her!
Is homeschooling very popular there? I'm glad you've found a great support group!
Please don't       Not the same but could you Sykpe? You'd at least get a peek at the little one.   Why not spend the weekend being tourists in your own town?  You will still get to go out with your family but will be able to sleep in your own bed (I enjoy sleeping in my own bed when I'm feeling under the weather).
If the seller doesn't reply can you order just the missing piece from the company?   Sorry that happened to you.
In the middle of the typed notes on the birth of my 2nd LO there are at least three paragraphs about another woman's birth. It goes right back into my info but it makes me wonder if my information is also mixed in with someone else's. I have found my birth records to be very interesting to read.
I looked pretty huge with all my babes #1 gained 55 lbs, baby weighed 10 lbs #2 gained 32 lbs, baby weighed 9lbs 3oz #3 gained 36 lbs, baby weighed 9lbs 7 oz #4 gained 30 lbs, baby weighed 10lbs 12 oz
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