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Quote: Originally Posted by Alison's Mom Both my kids have potentially life threatening allergies and carry epipens. I know a classical homeopath who said arnica pellets (to be ingested via under tongue) would reverse a serious allergic reaction. Anyone else heard this or have experience with using arnica in addition to / instead of antihistimines or epinephrine? I'm curious as to why you are looking for an alternative treatment to...
I rarely receive thank you notes from anyone. I do insist that my children send personalized thank you notes after birthdays and Christmas (or for other occasions when a gift is received). I think if someone took the time to pick up a gift for you the least you can do is send a note letting them know how you feel about it. If sending a note is too much trouble than a quick phone call would be nice too. It is disappointing to not receive a thank you in some form after a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Skippy918 Anywhere between 1 and 4 times a day with 2 being the norm. Sometimes it's solid, other times it's more of a peanut butter consistency. This ^^^^ My DD is 2yrs9mo and since she ditched the diapers recently I've noticed she will skip a day now and then.
Nursing tanks and regular shirts have gotten me through 4 bf'ing babes. I agree that some of the newer styles are cute but I can't see spending any extra for bfing shirts.
I'm not sure what is reasonable but I wanted to say we are in a similar situation. DS(9) had two extra baby teeth on top, to the right and to the left of his front teeth. We did not find this our until we switched dentists at age 5 because our original dentist wasn't great and they came in perfectly straight so I never noticed . I still worried about what that would mean for his adult teeth so we did allow one panoramic at age five. The panoramic didn't turn out that...
And many, many coupons can be found on-line with a little searching.
Our grocery store accepts coupons up to 3 months expired. If you are able to do the same it is nice to have the coupon when the sale comes up down the road. However, if you aren't that into couponing or if you cannot take advantage of expired coupons than let the sub. end. Lots of times you get a better deal by being a "new" customer in a few months (if you chose to go back to the paper) than you would by renewing your existing subscription.
I agree that it was in bad taste to leave them at that specific location. I'd move them to the breakroom.
Thinking of you s
Yes, I think they do. All four of our children have a three-syllable first name. The first two kids both have first names with seven letters. They all have "older" names as well. None of their names start with the same letter or rhyme, however.
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