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Quote: Originally Posted by sbgrace If a doctor will give you an epi pen based on that reaction I think you're safe assuming you've got a peanut allergy. Testing isnt' always accurate especially at that age and reactions are always taken over results anyway. My son's first taste of nuts was a biphasic anaphylactic reaction. Your child has been getting peanut via breastmilk so that likely was the source of sensitization. You need an epi pen...
In addition to the suggestions posted above, I recommend checking out http://www.foodallergy.org It would also be a good idea to talk to your doctor about an emergency action plan http://www.foodallergy.org/files/FAAP.pdf Having a plan on how to treat specific symptoms can help you feel in control of the allergy. The Peanut Allergy Answer Book by Dr. Young is very helpful too.
Online. Qualifies for free shipping w/$50 purchase. I bought 2 and shipping was $5+
Target has nursing tanks in white and grey XL & XXL for $8.48. Full sling style (not my fav. but the price is right). I saw other colors and side slings at $11.88
If you lived in my neighborhood you'd just call the police If you feel comfortable enough to talk to them in person I would try that first.
^^ this^^ As well as their position on atheists and agnostics keeps us from letting our boys join.
Quote: Originally Posted by odoole And though I haven't weighed him in a while, he's got to be close to 30 pounds and my arms are getting tired! Then get yourself a good carrier and enjoy being close to your child. Before you know it he'll really, truly be too big to carry and you'll want these days back. Trust me, my oldest just turned nine and it happens in the blink of any eye
I would insist on staying with cloth and fact-find to make sure I've solved any issues she might be having with them.
I made a stretch wrap out of yards of discounted fabric. My MIL sewed a ring sling for me. I purchaed a used Kozy. My ergo was a BabySteals deal. I have four carriers but have spent very little money on them. I find that different carriers serve different purposes for me. I miss the days of my tiny newborn in the stretchy wrap. We use the ring sling for quick trips and the Kozy for a back carry and longer trips. My DH uses the ergo to back carry our toddler. I think...
Pine Tree lost their crop due to hail this year per their FB page
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