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We homeschool. Our neighbor (7th grade) stopped by after school this week. I asked him how his first day back was. His reply, "Horrendous, I HATE school." So I ask him if my boys should start going to public school too. He says, "Yes, so they can suffer like the rest of us." I think it really depends on the kid. Some will be super excited to get back and others will not. My boys are excited to get to sleep in when they hear the bus go by at 7:05 every morning
I recently ordered a "nursing necklace" on etsy sice my DD is always pulling at my necklace or scratching at my face. So far today (1st day I've worn it) she's taken a little interest in it so I'm hoping it will help
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire So, for those who do shave your toe hair, were you taught to do so (by your mother or peers or ... I dunno, an article in a magazine?) or did you sort of take it upon yourself ("lalala I'm shaving my legs, lookie there, holey moley, there's a hair on my toe. Goodbye to you.")? With no older sisters or mother in the house as a teen, I just took it upon myself to figure out shaving. I shave my big toes, top of...
No. My girls are too little to help take care of earings and their bodies are still growing. Your child will ask for LOTS of things that others have. This is just the beginning. Be prepared!
I'm on baby #4 so I feel like a "seasoned" babywearer and I just hate my ergo Just cannot get the hang of it. I love my Kozy for back carries and find the mei tai style so much easier to do by myself.
For the early months I loved using a homemade stretchy wrap. Lots of video instructions can be found on youtube. I also love my ringsling from newborn to toddler. I hate the ergo. DH loves it for our toddler using the back carry. I also have a Kozy (mei tai) that I love for both front and back carries.
DD is 8.5 months. No table foods and just a bit of water here and there. So far today she's nursed 5 times in the last twelve hours. She only sleeps in two hour stretches at night. Nurses on one side maybe 5 minutes and goes back to sleep. We were out and about today so she went about 4 hours between her first feeding and the second but wanted to nurse more frequently in the afternoon. Usually she will want to eat every 2.5-3 hours.
Quote: Originally Posted by ProtoLawyer My SD has a Mom obsession this week and it's driving me up a wall, and I think the constant phone calls are helping to drive it. Note: I understand that, at 7, Mom is still a very central figure in my SD's life and of course she'll want to talk about her and she misses her and I don't begrudge that. . Begrudge is to look upon with disapproval, which you are doing. I understand that having a newborn in the...
I never planned to homeschool. We bought a house just a block from an elementary school. When our oldest was 4 we tried the local preschool through the school district. Horrible experience. I started researching my options and homeschooling sounded great. Next child has major, life threatening food allergies and sending that one off into the school environment didn't sound great either. Initially we thought we'd just homeschool for the elementary grades. Now that our...
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