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This could be the kick-in-the-pants you need to quit smoking. Lack of sleep is not healthy either s Co-sleeping has been the only way for me to get a decent amount of sleep.
For us, our first two are 22 months apart. They are now 9 & 7. Five year "break" due to secondary infertility... Next two are 23 months apart. They are now 2.5 & 8 months. This is working out pretty well for us but we have our moments of insanity Having a 2 or 3 year old is the absolutely hardest age for me to handle mentally Once you get past age three it gets easier and they start to really be able to play together which gives you a break from time to...
I'm not sure if we have a total book limit ( I've never reached it if we do) but we have a fine limit. Once your fines get to $10 your account gets locked and you cannot check anything else out, make online requests, or renew online. We are at the library at least once per week and I try to keep my books renewed when needed but the fines sure add up quick if you forget and have lot and lots of materials checked out Tends to happen to me on the weekend when I'm trying to...
Perhaps, up to a point. Until #4 was born I had the feeling that we wanted to keep adding to our family. Now with 4 kids I feel like I'm at my absolute limit both physically and mentally (baby number four is by far our easiest baby too!) I'm now at the point where I'm ready to move on to the next stage in parenting. It has been a real change in my thinking for sure!
Having a 2.5 year-old in the house is tough! My older kids are 9 & 7, the younger ones are 2.5 and 8 months. I have a large rubbermaid bin where I put toys in that she hasn't seen in a while or are new to her. I try to rotate weekly. This buys some time. I also went to the dollar store and Michaels to collect $1 items. I bought a box of gallon sized Ziploc storage bags and put together about 20 craft/coloring/glue activities that she can work on at the table with us....
Sorry you had to deal with that. Especially from a nurse in an allergist's office. She should know better. BF'ing is supposed to be one way to help avoid allergies. I agree that you should follow up with a letter.
Thinking of you and your family s
This all sounds completely normal to me at six weeks. All four of mine have been that way. I figured that's what I'm here for.
Our Rainbow Resource order is in transit right now. I cannot wait to see SS. We've done Spelling W.O. for three years and are moving to SS. Glad to "hear" that others really like it and it only takes 10-15 minute/day
Two years ago I remember sitting in the Lactation Station all alone at the MN State Fair. Thousands of women and I'm the only one nursing? I think they are a great idea. Benches are hard to come by at our fair and I appreciate the shade and cool breeze from the fans. Looking forward to visiting the Lactation Station again this year
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