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My DD is eight months and 24 lbs. I love my ring sling for quick trips into the post office, etc. I use my Kozy (mei tai) for longer trips to the grocery store (front carry) and for hiking (back carry). Hate my ergo
I made the choice at around age 12 to skip all "required" visitations with my mom. Not because I was being manipulated but because I truly did not want to go. How far apart do you live? Can your hubby take her out for an evening for dinner or a walk where he can talk to her and discuss how she feels? Twelve can be a difficult age and if she has four younger sibs to deal with when she comes to visit she may not have the opportunity to express her feelings...
Quote: Originally Posted by dachshundqueen I think that given your position as your father's primary caregiver and the likelihood of encountering a communicable illness volunteering in the nursery, you should let this go and resign yourself to the fact that volunteering in the nursery is too great of a risk for your father at this time. Kids are going to come in sick, either beginning, middle or tail end of an illness at some point. If you are not given...
No. We have one tv, it is in the family room. We like to relax and unwind by reading in bed. We both find tv to be too much right before trying to go to sleep.
No, you cannot order something that is not being produced. We've continued to delay the MMR in the hope that it will be available seperately again soon. Can you get an exemption? Or delay preschool ?
I would pull back on solids and keep a food diary of what you are eating (if breastfeeding). If you continue with solids keep track of what your baby is eating too. See if you can find a pattern. I would also suggest a visit to an allergist although testing at this age can be difficult and results are not as accurate.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy22boys Thanks everyone! Yeah I guess there are alot of diapers for around $18, just with shipping and inserts and things it comes to almost $30. But from what a lot of you have said seems to be much less than disposables. I haven't really kept track at all at what I've spent on disposables. Cloth just seems more expensive at first since you have to spend so much all at once. Don't ever pay for shipping on cloth...
I recently healed a cut (due to biting!) by only pumping that side. I pumped while nursing on the other so I kept the same schedule and did not mess with my supply. I hope it heals quickly! I hear you on the pain
I would suggest you pop over to http://allergy.hyperboards.com and read the "Schools and Food Allergies" section. Lots of great resources and BTDT advice. I would have a 504 in place for my PA LO if we were to choose public school (we home educate). Good Luck!
Prefolds are super easy! As others have said, don't get sucked into paying $30 a diaper (unless you've got that kind of money to spend). We use pockets at night and prefolds & covers during the day. I spent less than $100 to get started and with two in cloth now I bet I've spent less than $300. A huge savings over sposies, less trash, and I feel better using cloth on those tiny bums
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