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Not necessary.
Pierce? As in To cut or pass through with or as if with a sharp instrument; stab or penetrate.?? For a dear child's name? Thankfully you have lots of time to reconsider. Many other movie star type names that are lovey. Lauren is beautiful.
We use cut up receiving blankets, old wash clothes, etc for the wipes and keep water in a peri bottle. Squirt wipe with water as needed.
No. But I was just thinking today that I should probably have a little bm in the freezer "just in case".
We started having our kids wear them at around 3 months. This LO is seven months old and now cutting her 3rd and 4th tooth this week. It seems to help. Even if it doesn't they are so cute and I get lots of compliments on her necklace. I 2nd the recommendation for Inspired by Finn.
Thank you for the wonderful replies! I see that we are doing much of the same as others. I feel better now We picked up foam swords at Target today in the dollar area. It was so fun to see the older kids include theit two-year old sister in their games.
Quote: Originally Posted by hotmamacita If she had wipes why did she not use them to wipe her son's bloody nose? She was attempting to use the wipes she had. They looked like the type of hand wipes you get at a restaurant, small and individually wrapped.
As I was leaving the grocery store today with my kids there was a mother at the front of the store with a young boy. The boy had a bloody nose and the mom asked if I had any tissue. I only had disposable wipes and clean prefold diapers in my bag. I offered the wipes but she had her own. Then I offered her a clean, neatly folded prefold and told her I didn't mind if she took it. She looked a bit disgusted and refused to take it. As a mom of four dealing with bodily...
No way, no how. Get the "new" man out of your life and seek treatment for your PPD. Your focus needs to be on yourself and your child. Not your friends who need help with a project or another man on a ship. Not the people you've upset in Seattle. You and your child.
Not a word from anyone when I wore my babe in the pool yesterday. I just used my regular ring sling too
New Posts  All Forums: