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Yesterday was my birthday. Obviously, baby wants his own birthday because I am still pregnant. We went out for dinner, had to park 2 blocks away from the restaurant so I walked a good amount right there. Then after dinner, we needed to go to Costco and so I was walking around Costco for 20 minutes. Then, later we DTD for the first time in a couple weeks. I was hoping all of that would've gotten something going but alas, I woke up today feeling like I normally do...
Congrats on your little girl and your VBAC!!!!!!
Me! Still working at 40w6d! LOL But, I telecommute from home full-time so it's no biggie. I didn't want to waste any of my maternity leave sitting at home waiting for the baby to come.
I hope everything is progressing well for you and that you're holding your baby very VERY shortly (if not already)!!
I don't know the exact studies or stats off the top of my head but I know I've read many reasons why VBAC is healthier for both baby and mother. Have you searched over all the information on the ICAN website? I would start there and if you don't find what you're looking for, join the ICAN forums or email list and ask there. There are women on the list that have done extensive research on VBAC and have the studies to back up their research.
Have any of you felt like the new year isn't starting for you until your LO has arrived? Like all of my goals/resolutions are on hold until the baby is born and then I feel like it will be a new year/new start. Just curious if any other January mamas have that feeling?
Okay, today I am 40w3d. I have a very supportive VBAC OB. I have GD (have been controlling with diet alone but my numbers are starting to get a little wacky now at the end) and my DD was 10lbs 7oz. but that has not caused him to play any of the normal tricks you hear about OBs throwing out at the end of pregnancies. So, my OB is out of town tomorrow thru Sunday. The other 2 OBs in the practice that would be on call this week are not VBAC friendly. One will not do a...
Went in today for a weekly appt. No change since I was there last time. I did have some more mucousy type discharge this morning. I'm 40w3d today. My very supportive OB is going out of town tomorrow thru Sunday. Neither of his partners are VBAC friendly. He told me one will not do a VBAC and the other one may possibly do it. So, as much as it pains me to think about being pregnant for another whole week, I'm kind of hoping he doesn't come until next Monday when my...
New Posts  All Forums: