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Congrats on your healthy girl!!!! I hope you two are able to snuggle up together very soon!
Congratulations on your healthy baby girl. You will be in my thoughts for healing. Best wishes!
Quote: Originally Posted by Faliciagayle Seriously? I yelled at DH while he was on the phone with his Aunt - talking about how dilated (or not) and effaced (or not) I am: "This is MY vagina, MY cervix, and MY body and it is NO ONE'S F@($@(#$* BUSINESS how dilated I am!" This is so me! LOL DH doesn't understand why it irritates me so much and neither do I really but it does. I swear my DH would post my dilation/effacement/station stats on his...
Quote: Originally Posted by Happiestever T I woke up this morning and I barely feel pregnant, like the only thing going on is my big ole belly. I know exactly what you mean. Today so far, 4 people have either called or texted to see "what's happening" and I reply, absolutely nothing! I guess everyone is expecting me to say I feel horribly miserable but I feel totally normal, except that no clothes barely fit me anymore and I can't put my...
Mine is just driving me crazy. I think he is more anxious for this baby to be born than I am.
So my birthday is Wednesday, 1/20, and I went ahead and made plans with my family to go out for dinner. Hopefully now that I have some plans the baby will decide to come to cancel those.
I am trying to find the politest (is that a word?) answers to the people that keep asking about me. I have this friend that has been checking up on me all week because of course since yesterday was my due date, my body is going to explode if this baby is not born. She keeps asking me "how long will they let you go past your due date" to which I want to rant on & on but I simply replied "We're planning on allowing the baby to decide so we haven't set a time limit." And...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oceanone I also had little contractions last night that kept me awake. this morning instead of petering off like usual they continued. Now I'm up to about 5 mins and just had a wee bit of bloody show. I think today's the day! And it's my birthday too! 41 weeks exactly so I am def. ready! Ooooh how exciting! I hope it's your day!
Finally, I just went to the bathroom & had a chunk of mucous on the TP. Yay!! I know that means nothing in regards to when I'll go in labor but I'm so glad to finally see something happening.
I guess I might as well join this thread since I check our DDC about 300 times a day. Hoping this weekend brings lots of new babies into our DDC, including mine! LOL I keep going to bed each night thinking, tonight could be it! and then I wake up disappointed. Ohhh well, one of these days...
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