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My own mother-in-law had this happen to her when she was a young mom.  Dh was about 3 and had the most beautiful locks of curly black hair.  She left him with his grandmother (her mother-in-law) and she had cut it short.  Dh is 36.  MIL carries a grudge to this day.
So glad to see everyone again too!  Rachel will be 6 months tomorrow.  The time has gone SO SO fast!  Yesterday dh was eating a plum and let her gum on it a couple times.  She acted like it was the most repulsive thing ever but kept reaching for it.  No teeth yet but I keep thinking I'll see them any day by the way she acts.  Crawling - wow - I'm personally not ready for that and luckily she doesn't seem to be either.  We are so out of practice with the baby-proofing. ...
No news on the showing but felt like the house could not have looked better! 
Our house is on the market right now, so ds knows that he's supposed to keep his room pretty tidy.  This is a hard chore for him as he is easily distracted by his toys.  So, he cleans and then I clean.  One thing that makes a BIG difference for him is to have some sort of organization.  Legos can go in these tubs, cars on this shelf...and to make sure that the bins we are keeping things in are big enough for them.  For example, I recently realized it was more messy...
We just put some new pictures up online and now we have another showing.  It's not til Thursday so I have plenty of time to get ready (and panic!).
Coming back to say that I am a now a big believer in my Baby Bjorn Little Potty.  I was in very much the same boat as you around that 3 month mark with the pees, but when I got my bblp just before 4 months I started to catch many, many more.  I don't think my dd could relax very well bing held in my arms like that.  She's not a light girl and I thought it was uncomfortable for both of us. 
That is exactly what bothered me.
I don't have a lot of experience (dd is almost 6 months and she's my first ec kid) however, I think you are doing great.  I would just relax - 3 months is still so little.
Does anyone here use these?  A friend of mine has just started selling these and I'm curious.  I'm not sure that I believe all that they say they are.  Just because something says that they are "green" doesn't necessarily make it so.  Call me a skeptic.  I wondered if anyone has any experience.
Dd is nearly 4 and around Christmas time discovered my peppermint latte from Starbucks.  I let her have a sip, thinking that she wouldn't like it and then she would stop asking for some...and then she drank almost the whole thing before I could get it away from her.   I can hardly drive by a Starbucks without her talking wistfully about her yummy coffee drink.  
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