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Do you think that she meant she'd gulp the air if the wind blew in her face and get a tummy ache?  Granted, that's a far cry from colic but sometimes people use that for a catch-all phrase.  I wouldn't have thought much of it until I had my third baby who gasps for air and then drinks it if she is in the slightest draft.  
I've never done a joint party before either, but I'm planning one as well. We're also in the park and my kids (turning 8 and 4) are a week apart in birthdays.  Our plan is to invite ds's 1st grade class (oh help me if they all come) and to put on the invite that if they have a younger sibling (which many do) that they may come and help dd celebrate her birthday.  I think the whole wording of the gift thing is awkward so I'm just going to leave it off.  I realize that's...
No news.  Sigh.  Just the one showing so far.  We did manage to do some landscaping over the weekend so the curb appeal is a bit better.  We'll do some more if it ever stops raining.  I figure we might get some more showing if the weather would ever improve.  At this point instead of a house, we might need an ark.
  Not a real one, of course - but the little guy I babysit. He was 3 in January.  It's making dd and I bonkers !  I don't think there's much we can do, however I thought I would appeal for whatever advice I could.  He repeats EVERYTHING!  All.the.time.  And if you don't acknowledge him by saying it back to him, he just repeats it again. Over. And over. And over. And over. For instance: "Z, time for lunch."  "Time for lunch?"  I stay quiet. "Time for lunch?"  I stay...
Really common it seems!  Ds is nearly 8 and would still prefer to take the socks off at home! Stopped doing the shirt at......5-ish, I think. 
Note:  You should also not put eggs on the stove to boil, walk away to nurse the baby, completely forget about the eggs, and then walk back into the kitchen and wonder why all the windows are steamed up.  Those are some HARD-boiled eggs this year. 
I certainly suspected when he was QUITE young.  Maybe 3, certainly by 4.  However, we chose to not pursue a diagnosis until age 7.  We also decided to give medication for 3 reasons: 1) it was effecting him academically, 2) it was effecting him socially, and 3) it was effecting his self-esteem.  It has made all the difference for him and us.  Good luck!
Of course you can!  I did!  Everybody's supply reacts differently.  The book Adventures in Tandem Nursing is an okay resource and kellymom as well.  Good luck!
I'm with you.  Dh knows that he sort of has to ask "permission" before touching.
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