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Oh honey, I am so sorry. Do you know how the original vas preformed, or if the reversal surgeon is capable of trying to preform surgery to clear the blockage, called an http://www.maleinfertility.org/new-vasoepididymostomy.html#what1?   You can try something called ICSI, where they'll collect the sperm directly from the testes and then use it to fertilize an egg. It's not as successful as IVF or IUI though. I just went through a vas reversal in 2010 and even though...
I need to find a good psych to manage my depression and anxiety. I'm really unhappy with every doctor I've seen through our insurance (not that there are very many) and with how long it takes to get an appt with them, so just anyone who is good and educated and listens and isn't a dick.   ~Rose
I read this and thought "Parent concerned about teacher being a dumbass."   ~Rose
One of my friends' daughters knew she was pregnant before she did. My husband suspected I was pregnant even before I told him I thought I might be. ~Rose
Ice packs. Lots of them. =P   ~Rose
I was told by our surgeon that when dealing with a cut and cauterized vas, a lot of it depends on how short the tubes were cut in the first place, which is pretty much impossible to know until he gets in there. But, it's not a big deal to just shorten things a bit.   My husband's surgery took about two hours from start to finish, and he was put under conscious sedation. He didn't feel any pain once the initial incision was made- he actually fell asleep! Ask if you...
My stepkids were 6 and 8 when my daughter was born, and they lived with us at the time, so I might able to offer some perspective. They adored my daughter. Absolutely doted on her. You couldn't turn around with them asking to hold her or help change her diaper or dress her or bring me a glass of water. It was wonderful. They were so sweet and kind with her, and my stepdaughter especially really really took to being a big sister. As she got older, they loved playing with...
Oooh, I've been there. I waited two years to TTC and they SUCKED. *hugs*   Church brought out the waterworks in me too. Lots of small children and pregnant women and happy families.   ~Rose
My husband had a really hard time ejaculating after his vasectomy, through any means possible. It got a lot better when the vas was reversed. This isn't a well-documented side effect and appears to be very rare, however. ~Rose
I vote it was a false positive. At CD 30 and 15 DPO you should be able to get a positive on pretty much any test on the planet if you were really pregnant.   ~Rose
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