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Ask what takeout she likes best, and then come and do some housework. Sit and talk with her. Offer to hold the baby while she takes a shower and take the baby for a walk so she can really relax!   ~Rose
I found maternity pants to be MUCH more comfy than regular pants with a Bella Band, even though I could still fit into most of my jeans all through my whole pregnancy (I have a long waist and I carried really high). I started wearing them around 14-16 weeks. This time around I'm 10 weeks and down to two pairs of "regular" pants that I can wear.   ~Rose
  Oops. I meant witch hazel bark!   The leaves should be used for external use for wound care. The root should be used for consumption.   ~Rose  
Use comfrey leaves for both of those and yes, they mean a tea made from the actual bark. For the shepherd's purse, it's really much more effective if you can make a tincture from the fresh plant- the whole thing, stems, leaves, and flowers. It can be hard to get a hold of if you can't pick it in the wild, but it's a common enough weed in North America.   ~Rose
For all of those, it depends on what you're using it for and how.   ~Rose
I'm having chocolate cake for breakfast. Om nom nom.   ~Rose
I don't think you're being unreasonable at all. I wouldn't go either. ~Rose
The one Nestle product I cannot live without is Dreyer's Samoa ice cream. It's Samoa Girl Scout cookies INSIDE ICE CREAM. My daughter was practically grown on the stuff. ~Rose
If she wasn't completely effaced, they couldn't have stretched her a full centimeter and it would have been EXCRUCIATINGLY painful if they'd tried, even through an epidural. If the baby's head was at an angle that might be why she wasn't dilating all the way since he couldn't put the right kind of pressure on the cervix to get it to open, and could have resulted in a birth injury, it would have been risking injury to both the mother and baby trying to use vacuum or...
I think they're young enough, and there are two of them, that it would be a good idea to have someone there for them.   ~Rose
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