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So after reading this thread, here's my birth kit:   A pretty headcovering (I have hip-length hair that will probably grow another six inches before August and that's my favorite way to keep it up) My favorite massagers: back massagers and scalp massager Birth pool (I'm going with the Aquaborn from yourwaterbirth.com) Hose and adapters Underwater flashlight Debris net Floor liners Mattress pad Birth ball Placenta bowl (I'm getting a large bean pot...
Well, while that would be lovely if I were in a cottage in the woods (no seriously, it would) I live in a trailer park and have one tree with branches low enough to use and its in my front yard. =P   ~Rose
I used dried apricots to great effect in my first pregnancy. =) ~Rose
I would not recommend that she try to herbally induce labor without a midwife's or skilled herbalist's supervision.   ~Rose
God. You know. It just occured to me that my mother and father in law were in Japan the last time I gave birth. He's a cardiologist and she is the sweetest woman in the world but... but.... Oh man I am so in for it. I already told them my due date. Crap. ~Rose
I have totally laid down the law that the VitaminWater is MINE and no one else can have them. Unless they are also sick and throwing up. Because they're mine.   ~Rose
I don't see how it would help, since Monistat is an antifungal and GBS is a bacteria. If it's about optimizing your vaginal pH to better fight the GBS naturally, I think there are better ways to do that. ~Rose
I don't think it's likely to be a problem. MJ isn't teratogenic, Xanax is unlikely to be a problem unless you take it over the course of your pregnancy and the baby gets addicted, cigarettes aren't a big deal if you aren't a heavy smoker, and one glass of wine and a mixed drink like rum and coke shouldn't be a huge deal. I mean, yeah, it SOUNDS like a lot for early pregnancy, and it is, and you are at slightly higher risk for birth defects- but that is still a VERY small...
I had a small shot of lidocaine into my tailbone when I was pushing, which did a lot for the SPD pain- it was HEAVEN but I could still feel enough to push and my perineum and everything.   I also really encourage you to find something to pull on during labor- getting the pressure of your pelvis is a tremendous relief. Also water if at all possible- I spent almost all of my labor in the birth tub.   ~Rose
I have bananas. I like bananas. Bananas are good. =D ~Rose
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