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Don't worry about it. I drank like a fish the first three weeks after my period since it was Thanksgiving and I was staying with my parents (which was seriously crazy making) and slammed down an embarassing amount of margaritas three days before I found out I was pregnant. Whoops. Baby's fine, though. It happens, don't beat yourself up!   ~Rose
Comfrey root should be easy to find, any health food store that carries bulk herbs should have it!   I preferred to just refrigerate the mixture and then soak gauze in it instead of freezing it- freezing was WAY too cold on my bits!   ~Rose
Anyone have any tricks for how to rig up something to pull on? I would have KILLED for something last time, it was all I wanted to do when I was laboring with my daughter but the hospital didn't have anything suitable, and hanging off someone's shoulders or neck didn't even come close to doing the trick. I was thinking one of those pressure-mounted chin-up bars that go in a doorway? But I live in a trailer and the construction is pretty rickety so I don't know if it...
I'm planning on wearing a black nursing bra, a short wrap-style nightgrown, and/or a short cotton robe. Something I can wear but that doesn't fall much lower than mid-thigh and can get out of easily, and I'll probably be naked or just wearing the robe when I give birth, since I want to do immediate skin to skin.   Last time with my daughter in the hospital, I just wore a long, loose cami. Worked fine and covered my butt so I didn't feel too exposed. ~Rose
I haven't had to transfer (had a hospital birth with my first, this baby will be my first homebirth) but one of my biggest fears is that my baby will be admitted and I won't be. I can't stand the thought of having to leave my baby in a nursery or isolette. Most mothers who would homebirth are very committed to breastfeeding, so anything you can do to facilitate that would be appreciated I'm sure. Also talk to whoever you can about allowing EVERY mother to do skin to...
I went to the store for chocolate and marshmallows to make smores at 2 in the morning. Am I awesome or what? =P   ~Rose
I didn't have an anterior placenta or anything, and I felt my baby move at 19 weeks. Not feeling anything until 18-22 weeks is very very normal, no matter what. It has a lot to do with your body shape, how your uterus is situated, how your baby is sitting (if he's facing your back, then his kicks are going to be harder to feel) and so on and so forth. There's no need to worry. =)   ~Rose
I got pregnant when I was 19 with my daughter, and I'm 23 now. So far this pregnancy has been MUCH easier. Last time at this stage I was vomiting 6-8 times a day and completely and absolutely miserable. This time, so far I've been nauseated, my sense of smell is OFF THE CHARTS, and I'm a little food averse sometimes, and I've been dry heaving more than actual vomiting. The fatigue seems to be about the same, as do the cravings! My abs are definitely more loose this time...
My gag reflex is always off the charts during my whole pregnancy, even after most of my morning sickness is better. Brushing my teeth is an exercise in caution and I may or may not skip a few days and just use a lot of mouthwash.   Maybe something to consider? ~Rose
I do, and I didn't have any trouble at all getting pregnant, obviously. The current theory is that my last pregnancy stretched my ligaments all to hell and so now it's tipped backwards, since I didn't have one before my first daughter. My midwife told me to expect a little more cramping than last time as my uterus starts to grow and tips forward again. I'm not sure if I'm crazy or not, but it seems like it seems to go back and forth? Like later in the day after I'm up...
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